**Please note, teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis with all of the below entry requirements met (registration, entry form, roster and housing).  Field sizes are limited.  Any teams registering after field sizes are filled with accepted teams or after the entry deadline will be waitlisted.**


 Due Date

Enter Team into Event on AES

 January 8, 2018

Entry Form, Roster and Fee

 January 8, 2018*

Foreign Team Forms  January 19, 2018

Medical Release Forms

Do NOT mail to Florida Region - must show copy at team check-in (click the link to the left for the form)

Roster Changes in AES

 February 2, 2018

Results Reporting

Enter any results from the current season into AES by January 17, 2018.  Your team will not be seeded well if you do not provide results.  Foreign teams, it is recommended you send an email with information about your team.**  

Roster Verification

Be sure your roster is fully verified via the USAV Import in AES by team check-in, February 2, 2018.

Contact USAV before this time if you are unsure your roster is verified.  Foreign teams are exempt from the USAV Import requirement.

You may request late application for entry. A team must contact the Events Department to apply for consideration after the January 8 deadline.

Applications WILL NOT be accepted if court space and field sizes are filled. There are NO GUARANTEES that a team entry will be accepted after the January 8 deadline. Therefore, enter early!

*Refunds will not be given after the January 8 entry deadline.

** Any results from bid tournaments attended the weekend of January 27 will be used to seed teams.