William G. Morgan “Founder’s Award

Named in honor of William G. Morgan, the recognized “inventor” of the sport of volleyball, originally known as “mintonette,” in 1895.

    COMMISSION: This award recognizes individuals who have served as president of the USA Volleyball (1928-2006) and USAV (2006-2008), and as chair of the Board of Directors from 2008.
    COMMITTEE CHAIR: Recognitions Commission
    CRITERIA: Service as chair of the Board of Directors for a full term of office (i.e., four [4] years).

1974: Dr. Harold T. Friermood
1979: Wilbur H. Peck
1981: Dr. Donald S. Shondell
1985: Robert L. Lindsay
1986: E. Douglas Boyden*, George J. Fisher*, Viggo O. Nelson*, Harry E. Wilson*
1989: Dr. Robert L. Bender
1992: William W. Baird
1996: Russell J. Sherman
2000: Rebecca B. Howard
2008: Albert M. Monaco, Jr.
2012: David Schreff
2014: Adam Rymer
2019: Lori Okimura