Edward P. Lauten Scorer’s Service Award

Named in honor of Edward P. Lauten, the recognized originator of the modern volleyball scorekeeping system in the United States.

    COMMISSION: This award recognizes active USA National scorers for outstanding contributions to the USA Volleyball scorer’s development and certification program.
    CRITERIA: Shall be currently, and have been certified as a USA National scorer for a minimum of five (5) years; Shall have been a major contributor to the scoring program in his/her Regional Volleyball Association for a period of not fewer than three (3) consecutive years; Shall have been an active worker in the scoring program at the national level; Shall have actively worked as a scorer at a minimum of five United States Championships over a period of at least five (5) years; Shall have the endorsement of leadership at the regional, zonal and national levels. Former recipients are not eligible for consideration; This award may or may not be presented annually, and shall not be limited in quantity if the committee feels there is more than one viable candidate.

1982: Elizabeth A. Braton, Otto P. Gigone, Shirley Koorhan, Laura "Shorty" Lindsay, Karen Daukantas-Jones, Harold P. Petersen, Joseph B. Sharpless, Lea Saari Wagner
1984: Nancy S. Sharpless
1985: Jane Morgan
1986: Ann Davenport
1987: Loretta Monaco, Linda Vetter
1988: Robert McGregor
1990: Sandy Hansen, Pamela Smith
1991: Patricia Reese
1992: Fran Zelinkof
1993: Cheryl Berg
1994: Karen Daukantas-Jones
1995: Janet Blue
1996: Debbie Reed
1997: Sue Mailhot
1998: Robert Stanek
1999: Sara C. "Cathy" Hoy
2000: Scott Atkinson
2001: Dee Yoe
2002: JoAnn Peters
2003: Steve Crane
2004: Dennis Lafata
2007: Jeff Hoppen
2009: Emi Vishoot
2012: Dixie Collins
2015: Donna Wigton
2016: Terry Lawton, Jenny Vogt, Tom Sullivan
2017: Nancy Funk
2018: Lynne Updegraff
2019: Kim Williams