Corporate Services

Chief Executive Officer: Jamie Davis
Chief Operating Officer: Chris Vadala
Secretary General: Kerry Klostermann
In-House Counsel: Rachael Stafford
Senior Manager, International Programs and Executive Operations: Carla Hall
Coordinator, Operations: April Kochman
Coordinator, Corporate Operations: Mariann Greenwood
Chief Financial Officer: Stacie Kearns
Controller: Sarah Young
Coordinator, Finance: Valencia Lanier
Coordinator, Finance: Marie Gadino
Coordinator, Finance: Jennifer Keefer
Director, Human Resources: Bernie MacLean
Coordinator, Human Resources: Antoinette Yazzie
Director, Communications & Technology: Brent Buzbee
Coordinator, Technology: Brian Buresh
Coordinator, Technology: Rob Osborne
Director, Marketing: Kassidi Gilgenast
Coordinator, Marketing: Kaitlyn Taggart
Senior Manager, Communications (Women's Indoor, Sitting Volleyball): Bill Kauffman
Manager, Communications (Beach Volleyball, Men's Indoor): B.J. Hoeptner Evans
Senior Manager, Digital Media and Content: Laura Fawcett
Coordinator, Digital Media and Engagement: Stephen Munson
Manager, Creative Services: Matt Podschweit
Manager, Brand and Graphic Design: Barbara Grice

Program Development

Director, e-Learning: Steve Webster
Manager, SafeSport: Robin Dutton
Manager, Region Services: Tori Hoke
Senior Manager, Region Services: Janice Kosbab
Coordinator, Region Services: Tammy Shotkoski
Coordinator, Region Services: Daniel Becker
Assistant, Region Services: Linda Clack
Director, Officials Development: Pati Rolf
Coordinator, Officials Development: Joel Wyman
Director, Sport Development: John Kessel
Coordinator, Region Services Programs: Patty Fadum
Manager, Coaching Education: Shelley Small
Coordinator, Coaching Education: Alison Raines
Director, Beach and National Team Events and Sponsorships: Melissa Weymouth
Coordinator, International Events: Angela Lattimer
Assistant, International Events: Emily Burlison
Director, Events (GJNC): Kristy Cox
Manager, Events: George Egan
Manager, Events (Opens): Jazzy Sapp
Manager, Events: Kelsey Dolphin
Coordinator, Events: Baylee Robinson
Coordinator, Events: Molly Crockett
Coordinator, Events: Ryan Main
Coordinator, Events: Megan Ward
Director, High Performance Indoor National Programs: Heath Hoke
Manager, High Performance Indoor National Programs/Assistant Women's National Team Coach: Erin Virtue
Manager, High Performance Beach Programs: Katie Mitchell
Coordinator, High Performance Indoor National Programs: Gabriella Lutjen
Coordinator, High Performance Indoor National Programs: Meredith Lee
Coordinator, High Performance Indoor National Programs: Kimmie Beach
Coordinator, High Performance Indoor National Programs: Nicole Segura

Beach Programs

Director, Beach National Programs: Sean Scott
Director, Coaching, Beach National Teams: Tyler Hildebrand
Coordinator, Beach National Teams: Phil Noyes
Manager, Beach Events: Mark Paaluhi
Coordinator, Beach Events: Jennifer Funakura
Coordinator, Beach Events: Coral Arroyo
Coordinator, Beach Operations: Amber Scott
Head Athletic Trainer: Mike Martinez

Indoor National Teams

Men's Team
Head Coach: John Speraw
Assistant Coach: Rob Neilson
Assistant Coach:
Mike Wall
Technical Coordinator: Nate Ngo
Director, Sports Medicine and Performance, Indoor National Teams: Aaron Brock, MS, ATC, PES

Women's Team
Head Coach: Karch Kiraly
Assistant Coach:  Luka Slabe
Assistant Coach: Erin Virtue
Technical Coordinator: Jeff Liu
Athletic Trainer: Kara Kessans
Strength and Conditioning Coach, Women's National Team: Jimmy Stitz

Director, California Operations: Gary Moy
Coordinator, National Team Center: Aaron Saltz

Sitting National Teams

Women's Head Coach/Program Director: Bill Hamiter
Women's Assistant Coach: Michelle Goodall

Men's Head Coach: Greg Walker
Men's Assistant Coach: Joe Skinner
Manager, Sitting Volleyball Teams: Elliot Blake