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Watch Us Thrive Collective

The Watch Us Thrive Collective allows you – athletes and members of the multisport community – to support the young women who are competing in women’s triathlon at the NCAA level.  

This sport-specific donor-driven collective pools funds from supporters of triathlon to provide NCAA women’s triathlon student-athletes with the opportunity to receive compensation in exchange for participating in a Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) activity that promotes the sport of triathlon and the NCAA women's triathlon movement.

The collective is also another aspect of USA Triathlon’s collective dedication to ensuring women’s triathlon as a NCAA Championship Sport will thrive for decades to come. The sport’s National Governing Body aims to be a long-term and active partner in the development of this sport. 

When you donate to the collective, you are making a difference in the lives of women’s triathlon student-athletes.



Are donations to the USA Triathlon Foundation NIL Collective tax-deductible?

Yes – the USA Triathlon Foundation NIL Collective operates as part of the USA Triathlon Foundation, which is a registered 501(c)(3) in the state of Colorado. Tax Identification Number: 46-5062719.

Does the USA Triathlon Foundation NIL Collective work with recruits or prospective student-athletes?

No. NIL collectives are considered representatives of the institution’s athletics interests (boosters) and are subject to all NCAA recruiting rules. Therefore, recruiting conversations between the USA Triathlon Foundation NIL Collective and prospective student athletes are not permissible. NIL collectives are also prohibited from communicating with the family members or other individuals who are affiliated with the prospective student-athlete for a recruiting purpose. 

Additionally, coaches and institutional staff may not arrange any communication or meetings between NIL collectives and prospective student-athletes including promising NIL opportunities on behalf of a collective.

Can an NIL agreement between the USA Triathlon Foundation NIL Collective and a student-athlete be guaranteed or promised based on the student-athlete’s initial or continued enrollment at a specific institution?

No. An NIL agreement between a prospective or current student-athlete and an NIL collective cannot be based on initial or continuing enrollment at a particular institution. Additionally, an NIL agreement cannot be contingent on a student-athlete entering the NCAA transfer portal.

Can an individual provide money to a student-athlete because of their status as a student-athlete?

No.  NCAA extra benefit and recruiting inducement rules still apply to NIL. Therefore, payment for all NIL activities must include an action on the part of the student-athlete (e.g. appearance, social media post, etc.). Otherwise the student-athlete could be found to have committed an NCAA violation which could jeopardize the student-athlete’s intercollegiate eligibility. 

Are there restrictions regarding the duration of a student-athlete’s NIL-related contract?

Yes. An NIL-related contract cannot extend beyond the student-athlete’s participation in their institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.

What if a student-athlete competes for a school in a state with a NIL law?

Student-athletes should review the NIL rules in the state where their school is located and meet with their athletics compliance office to review all state, institutional, NCAA, and conference-specific NIL rules. 

What if a student-athlete competes for a school in a state without a NIL law?

Student-athletes competing in states without a NIL law must still meet with their athletics compliance office to review all institutional, NCAA, and conference-specific NIL rules.   

Are there restrictions regarding the use of institutional marks, logos or other institutional property in an NIL contract?

Depending on the state where the institution is located, a student-athlete may be prohibited from using institutional property (e.g. posting from practice on their campus) or using institutional marks or logos (e.g. wearing a t-shirt with their college name or athletics logo) as part of an NIL activity. 

May a student-athlete receive NIL compensation for participating in official team activities?

Many institutional NIL policies prevent student-athletes from receiving NIL compensation while engaging in official team activities such as an athletics-organized fan event or during travel for an away-from-home competition.

Are international student-athletes eligible to receive USA Triathlon Foundation NIL Collective payments?

No.  Student-athletes who are not US citizens cannot receive compensation for NIL activities since their visas prohibit employment while in the United States.

How are student-athletes selected to receive funding?

Eligible student-athletes shall be selected by USA Triathlon and USA Triathlon Foundation and can’t be nominated by their coach or other athletics department staff member. The USA Triathlon Age Group Committee shall recommend recipients of the USA Triathlon Foundation NIL Collective to USA Triathlon for selection. Recipients will be announced each August with the opportunity for additional recipients to be added throughout the year.

When will funds be distributed to student-athletes?

Funds will be distributed to student-athlete recipients directly from the USA Triathlon Foundation at the end of fall and spring semester. Student-athletes must submit proof of each social media post before funds will be distributed.

What percentage of my donation will go toward supporting student-athletes?

Ninety percent of all donated funds. Ten percent will be allocated toward processing and administrative fees.