Is it really free?

Yup! Totally free to sign-up and do your first, tenth, or hundredth multisport event. However, there is an option to make a donation of $35 to the USA Triathlon Foundation and receive an exclusive finisher medal or a $55 donation to receive an exclusive finisher medal and USA Triathlon-branded medal hanger.

Who is this virtual event for?

Anyone who is 13 years of age and older! Whether you’re looking to do your first multisport event or have done hundreds, anyone can participate. New athletes are encouraged to participate in the sprint-distance event. A longer distance competition will also be offered. To be considered a finisher, you simply need to complete the required distances for the specific multisport event. For example a triathlon would include swimming, cycling and running. Whereas a duathlon would include running, cycling and running again.

Where should I participate?

Wherever you can safely complete the disciplines, maintaining the recommended minimum of at least six feet of social distancing and abiding by all local, state and federal government mandates. Ride on the trainer or outdoors. Run on a treadmill, track or trail. As long as you can measure your time and distance via a smartwatch, GPS-enabled device or phone, you can sync to the platform.

What are the distances?

All participants are encouraged to complete 15 km of running and 40 km of cycling (the equivalent of a standard distance duathlon). Runs and rides can be completed anytime, anywhere, and in any duration. This is a cumulative event, so all of your runs and rides will add up to a cumulative total.

When will I receive my Finisher's Package?

Thank you for your donation. All packages will be shipped no later than the end of May, once this event is complete. However, many participants will receive their packages sooner based on when they registered, likely by the end of April or early May. Thanks again for your donation and your patience as we work to fulfill the many orders we have received.

Do I need a USA Triathlon Membership?

You do not need a USA Triathlon (USAT) Membership as this is a free event. However, if you plan on participating in future USAT sanctioned events we encourage you to register for a membership to avoid race-day registration fees. The USAT Membership program currently has over 500,000 members who receive benefits such as discounts on products and services, access to a weekly Multisport Zone e-newsletter, USAT Magazine and more! Learn more here.

Can non-US Citizens participate?

Yes, the Virtual Run Bike Run is open to anybody. However, finisher packages will only be sent to US addresses. Additionally, only US citizens are eligible for randomly-drawn prizes.

Do I have to have a fitness tracker device (like Apple Watch or FitBit) in order to participate?

No, you do not have to have a tracking device to participate. By logging into your PROFILE, you can manually add in your workouts, mileage, and times. However, using a tracker is highly encouraged as most trackers will automatically upload your workouts. Additionally, manually uploaded workouts may not be eligible for awards.

What if I have technical errors and my device did not record my stats properly?

There is likely a problem with how your device is connected. Please refer to THIS PAGE for more details on how to address this. 

What if i have a fulfillment issue with my Finisher's Package?

For any fulfillment issue please reach out to with any questions.

How are my results uploaded?

When using a tracking device, your results are uploaded to FitRankings every-time you sync your device with its respective app. For instance, when you sync your Garmin with the Garmin Connect app, all workouts from your Garmin will be uploaded automatically. Note that you must have previously connected each device you track workouts on to FitRankings for this to occur.

What happens if I exceed the distances needed for the bike, or run?

You are welcome to exceed the distances for either of these challenges. Bike and run as much as you like!

How will I know when I complete the virtual event?

You will receive a completion email from the platform congratulating you on this great accomplishment!

What is Time to Tri?

Time to Tri is an unprecedented initiative within the triathlon industry to grow the sport by proactively recruiting and supporting athletes as they train for and compete in their first race. The initiative, a strategic joint effort between USA Triathlon and IRONMAN, was unveiled in early 2018.

What if I don’t have a swimming pool? 

There are various facilities, clubs and communities that offer indoor swimming pools. Check with your local gyms, YMCA's, and community centers.

Additionally, you can search online through U.S. Masters Swimming

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