(Qualification process as of June 24, 2020.  Please note that this qualification process is subject to change as USAT/ITU continue to monitor and navigate movements in these present times)

All athletes who were slated to be on Team USA 2020 will auto qualify for the ITU Sprint and Olympic/Standard Distance World Championships in 2021.  Confirmation will be sent to all athletes shortly with a request to confirm interest in these slots.

Team USA Standard/Olympic-Distance Worlds Qualification for 2021

Once USA Triathlon can assess the demand for slots after the request is made of athletes who were on Team USA in 2020, an allocation of slots per age group at the 2021 Toyota USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships would be determined. This event would also qualify the entire worlds team for 2022.  Athletes who qualify at the 2021 Toyota USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships must be within 30 percent of the age group winner’s time.  Confirmation of these spots will be required to be done on site with full payment of the required deposit and registration fees for the event(s).  The team will be identified and confirmed on that evening.  No pass downs will be supported after these slots have been allocated. Rankings will not be supported to field athletes for this team. 

Team USA Sprint Distance Worlds Qualification for 2021

After the allocation of slots provided to Team USA athletes from 2020 have been determined, the remainder of the team slots will be allocated as follows: 

Draft Legal Qualification for 2021 Sprint Distance Worlds
The number of slots that will be available for the 2020 Draft-Legal Triathlon National Championships to be held in Tempe, AZ (November 14, 2020) will be dependent on the response to the survey sent to Team USA 2020 athletes about interest in being part of Team USA in 2021.  At this event (2020 Draft-Legal Triathlon National Championships), all athletes must finish within 30% of the age group winner’s time. Slots will pass down to 15th place.  Athletes will not be required to confirm their spots at the venue as required with the Olympic/Standard qualification.   USA Triathlon will follow up with athletes within a week after the 2020 Draft-Legal Triathlon National Championships with confirmation details. 

Using the 2021 National Championship for final qualifying spots for the team
USA Triathlon would allocate all remaining spots per age group for 2021 Worlds at the 2021 Toyota USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship taking place in Milwaukee, WI in August 2021 as a last chance option with an accelerated timeline for confirmation.  Athletes will know before the event what the allocation availability would be, broken down by age group.   If no slots exist in any particular age group through the previous processes (Team USA 2020 carry over slots and Draft-Legal Triathlon National Championships in Tempe), USA Triathlon will make this known long before the event.  All slots distributed at this event would require confirmation on the date of the event.  This event would also qualify athletes for 2022 Worlds.