USA Triathlon

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FAQ: Roll-Down List

What is the roll down list?

The roll down list is essentially the “waiting list” for athletes and in the case that athletes finishing within the qualifying spots do not claim their spot, we will offer spots to those on the roll down list.

I’m on the roll down list, when will I know if I am able to be on the team?

We will open up roll down slots as they become available to fill the team for each age group/gender. This process takes time. We will work as fast as possible until 45 days prior to the world championship date. The roll down process for Sprint-distance Triathlon will not begin until after the World Triathlon Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon World Championship Qualifier event has taken place. For most other events, roll downs will happen immediately after the confirmations have been received by athletes.

I’m on the roll down list, do I need to claim my spot?

Athletes on the role-down list will be contacted, if selected, via email. The turn time for accepting slots is very short so that USAT has time to fully exhaust all wait lists. In the case that athletes decide not to join Team USA at a later date, we will again open spots on the role-down list. Roll downs can happen because athletes that qualify might not have interest in the world’s spot and due to those who cancel their spots after confirmation.