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FAQ: I Qualified For Team USA

I qualified to be on Team USA, what are the next steps?

Congrats on making the team! You’ll get an email from Team USA within shortly after the event which qualified you for the team covering next steps, confirming you are on the team, and requesting payment of the $75 deposit. You’ll receive an email from

How long am I on Team USA?

Athletes are current Team USA members up through the completion of the world championship event at which they qualified for and in which they competed. If you qualify for the team but don’t elect to go, you are not considered members of Team USA (sorry!).

How much does it cost to be on the team?

All costs are borne by the athlete and can be broken down into several categories:
  • $75 non-refundable deposit: USA Triathlon user fee that all athletes are required to pay to join Team USA
  • $160 - $400 World Triathlon world championship event entry fee: to be paid when ITU announces the fee
  • $200 - $300 average cost of mandatory Team USA uniform provided by ROKA (goal is to keep this for a few years)
  • $185 - $230 average cost of mandatory Team USA World Triathlon Parade of Nations kit (worn for team photos, parade, awards and at other times that USA Triathlon defines; goal is to keep this for a few years)
  • $150 - $250 USA typical land travel package cost, per person per day, provided by Andavo Meetings & Incentives (A division of Christopherson Business Travel) which usually includes airport/hotel transfers, bicycle transportation at destination, lodging and more. Foreign travel can be more expensive.
  • $40 - $50 average food costs, per person per day, depending on what and where you eat. It is a good idea of try and secure a hotel where breakfast is part of your fee. Also, you can save money but purchasing lunch food and keep in your room.
  • $3.25/day recommended Travmed Abroad insurance provided by MEDEX, which gives the traveler $100,000 in coverage, with only a $25 deductible per illness or injury. The insurance also covers international medical evacuations, help with minor travel emergencies, medical, and security related issues. Note, this can also be purchased for each family member that travels with you to the event. For coverage information or to purchase coverage for family, please click HERE. Team USA members can purchase coverage separately at the reduced price.
  • USA Triathlon will typically partner with a transport company to help athletes ship their bikes to World Championships locations (Tri Bike Transport currently). Specific shipping packages will be created for most World Championship locations.

What if I change my mind down the road or have a situation where I can’t attend my World Triathlon Championship?

All cancellations must be received in writing to The $75 deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel between two and four months prior to your respective race, you will be granted a refund of the World Triathlon entry fee minus a $25 administrative fee via a check from USA Triathlon. Note that travel insurance is a wise purchase decision regardless of what package you book.

Do I have to book travel arrangements myself?

USA Triathlon provides travel packages for most world championships, which usually includes airport/hotel transfers, bicycle transportation at destination, lodging and other benefits. Most U.S. athletes travel as part of the prepared package and with other U.S. athletes. All costs are borne by the athlete. Land package costs usually run between $150-$250 per person per day (foreign hotels can be very expensive). Athletes are free to book housing separate from the package but do so at the expense of lost team camaraderie. USA Triathlon is currently working with Andavo Meetings & Incentives (A division of Christopherson Business Travel) to coordinate these packages and to help facilitate your travel questions.

Am I required to have a Team USA uniform?

Yes, Team USA uniforms are required to compete on the team at the ITU world championships. Athletes that don’t, are subject to not being a place on the start line. This will not be known for most until they check in on race morning, at which time ITU is doing uniform checks.

If I already have a ROKA uniform, do I have to buy a new one?

If you already have a ROKA uniform from 2017 to 2019, you do not have to buy a new one. TYR or any other previously assigned uniform are not allowed.

Am I required to have the parade apparel?

Yes, to participate in the World Triathlon Parade of Nations you are required to wear the Team USA parade apparel. We also have the parade apparel for the team photo, required wear for the Awards Ceremony and other needs that might be presented race week. It is also our goal to keep the same uniform in place for as long as we possibly can.

When do I order my uniform and parade apparel?

We will email you in early 2021 to order the items.