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Virtual Race Sanctioning

As USA Triathlon, and the multisport industry and community, adjust to the changes brought forth from COVID-19, portions of USA Triathlon annual and one-day membership dues will go toward covering costs associated with sanctioning virtual events.

Growing The Sport

USA Triathlon is dedicated to growing the multisport community and virtual events are an ideal way to reach new endurance athletes. Event directors can utilize sanctioned virtual events to offer single sport events as well, including virtual 5k/10k/half marathons and virtual 20k/40k cycling events.

Keeping Athletes Safe

Athlete safety is a vital part of USA Triathlon’s mission and its virtual sanctioning policies and procedures allow the organization to provide insurance for athletes and race directors.

Providing Resources

As races for the foreseeable future are postponed or canceled, access to pools and workout facilities are shuttered, group workouts are either banned or discouraged, USA Triathlon is dedicated to providing its athlete members with tools, techniques and tips to maintain their active and healthy lifestyles.

Impacting Communities

Multisport events and industry professionals are deeply embedded in their communities, purchasing local goods and services, paying local taxes, helping parents and kids alike maintain their health, and building a sense of community. Participatory sports like endurance events account for more than 75% of local economic spending generated by visitors – they are truly vital to the foundation of our nation. Sanctioning virtual events will allow USA Triathlon to continue to empower race directors and other industry professionals to make positive changes to their respective communities.

Sanctioning step-by-step guide 

Read this step-by-step guide on how to fill out a sanction application to have your virtual event sanctioned by USA Triathlon. All questions regarding sanctioning should be submitted to 

Sanctioning fees

  • Virtual Events will be sanctioned as clinics
    • Certified RD sanction fees:
      • Adult – $50
      • Youth – $25
    • Non-Certified RD sanction fees:
      • Adult – $75
      • Youth – $50 
  • Youth participation
    • There is no need to sanction both a youth and an adult clinic if you want to allow youth to participate. Youth participants can register for adult clinics as long as a parent/guardian signs the registration waiver.
    • There are no additional SafeSport requirements for youth participation in a virtual event.
  • Cancelled or postponed event sanction fees
    • If the event has been cancelled, the RD can use a portion of their sanction fee to cover the virtual event sanctioning fee.
      • Once the RD completes the sanction application and reaches the payment page, they will need to alert USAT that they would like to use a credit to cover the sanctioning fee. Email to use your credit.
      • The remaining balance will be kept as a credit for the RD to use towards future sanctioning fees. USAT will track remaining balances on our end.
    • If a event has been postponed and a new date confirmed, the RD will need to pay the virtual event sanction fee as their original sanction fee is being rolled over to their new event date and used as originally intended.
  • Duration
    • Virtual events can last a maximum of 30 days


  • USAT membership is mandatory per our current sanctioning and insurance requirements
  • USAT will provide complimentary one-day memberships that are valid for the duration of the virtual event
    • Those using RTAV registration sites should turn off the RTAV function, so participants are not charged for one-day memberships
    • RDs will submit a complete registration post-event list including name, date of birth, email, address and gender; USAT will create memberships for non-members

Insurance Coverage:

  • RD is covered for general liability per our standard sanctioning coverage

Registration/Post-event Requirements:

  • Every participant must sign the new event GL waiver found on the virtual event webpage     
  • Event directors must include the new waiver in their virtual event event registration flow
    • RDs will need to submit zip file of waivers signed by every participant post-event


  • To best ensure participant safety while participating in a virtual event, USAT will not be requesting or reviewing results submissions
    • We realize athletes want to compete but as there are no safety precautions in place (road closures, aid stations, medical staff) we don’t want participants to risk injury because they are focused on winning and not their surroundings.

Other Considerations:

  • When promoting to participants please stress the points below
    • This is intended to be participatory, fun and keep the community active and engaged
    • Athletes must obey the rules of the road just like at any other sanctioned event
    • Use common sense when deciding when and where to participate
      • Wear reflective gear if competing at dusk or dawn
      • Don’t bike in high traffic areas
  • Single sport virtual events
    • Event directors can utilize sanctioned virtual events to offer single sport events as well
      • All of the above still applies
      • Virtual 5k/10k/half marathons
      • Virtual 20k/40k etc. cycling