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USA Triathlon Sanctioning Policy

USA Triathlon Sanctioning Policy (PDF)

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Results Requirements


The following fees apply for sanction applications completed at least 60 days before the event or the start of the clinic:

USA Triathlon Certified Race Directors

  • Adult event - $175
  • Youth event - $25
  • Adult Clinic - $50
  • Youth Clinic - $25 

Non-Certified Race Directors

  • Adult event - $225
  • Youth event - $50
  • Adult Clinic - $75
  • Youth Clinic - $50

Late Sanction Fee Price for USA Triathlon Certified Race Directors:

Application submitted for review from:

  • 59-30 days of the adult or youth event start date is $275
  • 59-30 days of the adult clinic start date is $150
  • 59-30 days of the youth clinic start date is $125
  • 29 days or less of the adult or youth event start date is $425
  • 29 days or less of the adult clinic start date is $300
  • 29 days or less of the youth clinic start date is $275

Late Sanction Fee Price for Non-Certified Race Directors:

Application submitted for review from:

  • 59-30 days of the adult or youth event start date is $325
  • 59-30 days of the adult clinic start date is $175
  • 59-30 days of the youth clinic start date is $150
  • 29 days or less of the adult or youth event start date is $475
  • 29 days or less of the adult clinic start date is $325
  • 29 days or less of the youth clinic start date is $300

*All sanction fees are established by the USAT Board of Directors and are not negotiable.

USA Triathlon Certified Coaches can sanction their adult clinic with USA Triathlon for the discounted rate of $50 when applications are submitted outside the 60 day window. Coaches are also subject to fee increases for late sanction submission. Applications started less than 14 days before the start of the event/clinic may be denied sanctioning. Contact for further details on sanctioning.

Note: A 'complete' application means that all forms of the sanction application have been filled out and payment of all fees has been received.  Please do not forget, course maps (for adult events) and an itinerary (for clinics) must been submitted with the application or be available on the event website.

Fee Refunds

Sanction fees are only refundable if the event is cancelled due to the weather.  Sanction fees are non-refundable if the event is cancelled for any other reason.  Additional insured and late fees are also non-refundable.  Please be sure to contact if you need to cancel the event. 


In efforts to go green, paper waivers will not be shipped out unless necessary and can be found on the Race Director Toolbox. Race Directors will be charged the UPS shipping fee for more membership application forms and event waivers if they are requested the week of the event or after the sanction box has been sent from USAT.

All youth ages 17 and under (as of Dec. 31) are required to purchase a youth annual membership. The cost of an annual youth membership is $10 per year. Youth one-day memberships are not available. All membership money, forms and event waivers for youth membership purchases must be submitted to USAT after the event for processing. For more information on the Youth Annual Membership, please visit the USAT membership section of the web site.

Membership fees for 2022:

  • Adult annual membership = $50
  • Young Adult Membership (ages 18-23) = $36
  • Adult (turning age 18 and up): one-day fee = $15
  • Youth (age 17 and under) Digital Membership = $10
  • There are no longer youth one-day memberships.

All applications in “Draft” status must be completed and paid for within 14 days of the event. If not, they will be declined.

The age group of a participant will be determined by age on Dec. 31 of the event year, not by age on race day.  For example: If you turn 25 years old in July of 2022, you will race and be ranked in the 25-29 age group for the entire 2022 season. The age up rule applies to youth events as well.

It is easy to submit a sanction application in 2022 if you sanctioned an event in 2021. Just log into the sanction site and use the ‘copy' button to create the 2021 application. Directions can be downloaded here. Enter the new event date, hit continue and the rest of the application will upload.  Review each section for updates, required information and make payment.  If you are having trouble with the application please check the Getting Started tab or email

Please make sure that all your event materials have the most recent USAT Sanctioned Event logo.  If you need an updated logo, please email

New SafeSport Sanctioning Requirement for Youth Clinics and Youth Events

Effectively immediately, any Youth Event or Youth Clinic that sanctions with USA Triathlon, the race director must adhere to a Background Check through NCSI and present us with a SafeSport Certificate of Completion. Both requirements expire every two years and must be renewed in order to be approved for sanctioning. 

Background Check Policy and Information:

NCSI Instructions 

Password: 53247331

SafeSport Info:

Access Code: FDV2-N6TL-T4GA-SWNZ

*After completing all three modules please email the certificate labeled “SafeSport Trained.”


All post-race materials must be postmarked within 15 business days of the event date. Any materials that do not meet this deadline will be subject to a $200 fine for the first offense and $500 for the second.

Required items for adult events: 

  • Event Accounting form 
  • Collected membership money 
  • Signed annual membership forms/waivers 
  • Incident reports
  • Electronic results
  • Officials’ evaluation if applicable 
  • Swim Safety Report  

Required items for youth events and clinics: 

  • Event Accounting form
  • Collected membership money
  • Signed annual membership forms/waivers
  • Incident reports
  • Swim Safety Report

Some tips for a successful post-race experience: 

  • Request a prepaid UPS mailing label to send your materials back to USAT. Be sure to record the tracking number in case the package is lost in transit.    
  • Make sure all of the materials are included. i.e. event accounting form, incident report form, signed event waivers and completed membership forms, collected membership money, electronic results (adult races only), and officials’ evaluation (if applicable).  If emailing the forms, please email to our accounting department at
  • Watch a free 30 minute webinar: How to Submit Post-Race Materials detailing the 4 different ways to submit post-race documents to USAT. Slides for this webinar can be downloaded here, and questions about the content can be directed to the Accounting department at
  • Ensure all USAT funds are sent directly to USA Triathlon. No-shows for events who have purchased one-day memberships must still be documented on the post event accounting form.
  • When submitting materials for multiple events, make sure separate paperwork is filed for each event by completing an event accounting form for each one.  Be sure to enter the event name and number as it is listed on the sanction application. Then, organize the entire package so that each event is its own packet.  
  • Email if all the participants in your sanctioned clinic were annual members so we can reconcile the bookkeeping for the event.   If the UPS mailing label has been lost, please send the materials via a trackable method to: 

USA Triathlon      
Attn: Finance Department
5825 Delmonico Drive, Suite 200 
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Results Requirements

The electronic results file must be emailed to or uploaded into your sanctioning application within 15 business days following event completion. Please be sure that the name on your result files matches the event name on the sanction application and that the results requirements have been followed. Incomplete files will be returned for correction. 

Results must have the following information present:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • DOB
  • Email
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Category*
  • Final Time

For category purposes, any athlete that does not compete in their age group wave will be considered open for that race. All athletes attempting to qualify for Age Group National Championships – Olympic-Distance will be required to race within their age group at any on-road or off-road triathlon race.

Result requirements (adult events only) will be strictly adhered to and all files not formatted correctly or missing information will be returned for correction. All results must be sent or uploaded as a .txt, .csv or .xls file. A results requirements form is available under the Documents tab in your USAT account on the USAT website, so please pass that on to your timers to assist them.  Each race within an event MUST have a separate sheet for results. If you have any questions about the requirements, please email