Swim Safety Reporting and Recommendations

USA Triathlon has created two new documents that all sanctioning race directors should be aware of. The swim safety report is required for all races within an event that have a swim leg, regardless of application type (adult, youth and clinic) or water body. Race directors are able to submit the report online with the rest of post-race deliverables via the Event Reporting tool due 15 business days after the event. Download the questions here.

 Swim Safety Report
Air temperature at start (Fahrenheit)
Percent humidity at start
     (sources such as weather.com or local news stations will suffice)
Water temperature day prior (Fahrenheit)
Water temperature day of (Fahrenheit)
Number of athletes who started the swim
     (include relays)
Number of athletes who voluntarily withdrew during the swim
Number of athletes rescued during the swim
Number of athletes who DNF the swim
     (include relays)
Total number of athletes seen in medical tent


Race directors can also use the Water Temperature Guidelines as a guide in canceling or shortening the swim in sanctioned events. This chart has been designed to be used as a recommendation, not a requirement. Please download the chart here.