Adding Different Wave Options

USA Triathlon has created seven new templates that will give race directors the ability to add additional waves to their event. These templates lay out easy steps to implement new ideas at events and target new audiences.

Beginner Wave

The wave targets athletes who are new to multisport and surrounds them with a less competitive and intimidating environment that welcomes all abilities. 

Friends and Family

The is a participatory wave for two or more participants to race alongside one another. This will give athletes a new experience in multisport in a fun environment.


This wave is to attract a more diverse audience to an event and expand their current offerings. This wave could include a kayak or stand-up paddle board option instead of the swim, influencing those athletes to combine their sport with multisport. 

Para Wave 

This wave option would be available to athletes with a medically verified physical, visual, or neurological impairment that limits one or more major life activities.

Relay Waves

Relay waves open the event to athletes who want to race only one discipline and form a team with their friends. This wave eliminates barriers (such as a runner who isn’t comfortable with the swim) and allows for a fun experience. 

Duathlon, Aquabike, and Aquathlon Waves

Adding these waves expands athlete reach and gives athletes an option to try multisport without all three disciplines. It can be done without extra cost and minimal extra setup.