Championship Bids

USA Triathlon is excited to extend Request for Proposals to all Race Directors to host 2021 USA Triathlon Non-Owned National, Regional and State Championships. The race director and their management team will ultimately produce the event with support from USA Triathlon as outlined below. The application period for these events is open from January 1 to February 28, 2020. Bids for the Multisport National Championships Festival will be accepted until May 1, 2020.

New for 2021, each championship host event will be selected for a 2-year designation. 

In the event that the event does not meet USA Triathlon championship standards via breach of contract, sanctioning issues, and/or negative feedback, USAT has the right to terminate agreement after Year 1.


(See below for Multisport National Championships Festival application).


Benefits of Hosting Event for Race Directors

  • Gatorade Program Eligibility
  • Post-event survey to attendees managed by USAT 
  • $50 off Race Director certification
  • Awards provided by USAT
  • Olympic-Distance Regional championships will qualify the top 35% or top five (5) finishers in an age group (whichever is greater) for the Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals
  • Sprint Regional championships will qualify the top 45% or top five (5) finishers in an age group (whichever is greater) for the Sprint Distance Age Group Nationals
  • Olympic-Distance State championships will qualify the top 25% of finishers or top three (3) finishers in an age group (whichever is greater) for the Olympic-Distance Age Group Nationals
  • State championships will qualify the top 35% or top 3 finishers in an age group (whichever is greater) for the Sprint Distance Age Group Nationals
    • High School State Championships Exemption: All finishers of High School State Championships will automatically qualify for Sprint-distance (if they are at least age 15 as of December 31, 2020.)
  • Event checklist for planning
  • Pre-event webinar
  • USAT staff on-site (Nationals only)
  • Digital asset package
  • Inclusion in USAT annual marketing and promotions campaigns
  • Inclusion in championships promotion email
  • Inclusion in USAT annual member engagement emails
  • USAT Magazine inclusion
  • USAT press releases
  • Social media posts
  • Promotions on

National Championships Up For Bid

national championships

Most of these national championships will qualify athletes for 2022 ITU World Championships. 

  • Club Nationals
  • Clydesdale and Athena (sprint and Olympic-distance triathlon)
  • Off Road Triathlon (Olympic-distance)
  • Ultra-Distance Triathlon
  • Winter Triathlon

Multisport National Championships Festival

Applications are now being accepted for the 2021 Multisport National Championships Festival. Please review application requirements through this Request for Proposal document (PDF). A comprehensive application is required and all details are noted in the RFP. All applications must be submitted to Brian D'Amico, Director of Events, no later than May 1, 2020 Please note that there will be an option to extend to 2022 pending mutual agreement upon the completion of the 2021 event.

Regional Championships Up For Bid

Each year, USA Triathlon provides race organizers with the opportunity to apply to host regional championships for the following season. Regional championships are great ways for athletes to race against increased competition than normal local races. For sprint and Olympic-distance triathlon, they also provide increased qualification chances for USA Triathlon National Championships.

USA Triathlon will provide the opportunity for events in each of the six regions to apply to host the following disciplines (distances may vary):

  • Olympic-Distance Triathlon: 1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run
  • Standard-Distance Duathlon: 5k run, 40k bike, 10k run
  • Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run
  • Paratriathlon: 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run
  • Youth: Varying distances based on age
  • Multisport Festival: Distances and events vary, but could include:
    • Long Course Triathlon
    • Long Course Duathlon
    • Aquabike
    • Aquathlon
    • Etc. 

State Championships Up For Bid

Each year, USA Triathlon provides race organizers with the opportunity to apply to host state championships for the following season. State championships are great ways for athletes to race against increased competition and have bragging rights over the residents of their state. It also increases the qualification percentage of finishers so they can compete at Age Group National Championships. They also highlight the top athletes in the High School division and provides awards for top finishers. 

USA Triathlon will provide the opportunity for events in every state to host High School and Age Group State Championships. These championships will be hosted at the same event, however high school athletes will compete in a sprint distance triathlon while age group athletes will compete in sprint and/or Olympic-distance triathlons:

  • Age Group State Championship: Olympic-Distance and or Sprint-distance Triathlons: 1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run AND/OR 750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run 
  • High School State Championship: Super Sprint Triathlon: 200-300m swim, 9-11k bike, 2-2.5k run

Youth Nationals Age Group 13-18 Qualification: New for 2021 State Championships

Starting with 2021 High School State Championships, athletes ages 13-18 (as of Dec. 31 of race year) will have the opportunity to qualify for the USA Triathlon Youth and Junior National Championships through your event. HS State Championships will be the only way for athletes ages 13-18 to qualify for the Youth and Junior Nationals Age Group 13-18 race. Every U.S. State Championship will be a qualifier, however we will also have two open waves Youth Nationals for athletes who do not qualify. The details of this new qualification program are as follows:

  • Race Requirements:
    • Race Directors have the ability to combine the age groups into one wave per gender at their event, but the results must be split out into those two age categories.
    • Race Directors must meet the super sprint event distance ranges set by USA Triathlon. Note that this distance is just for your HS race and the adult age group state championship should still be a sprint and/or Olympic-distance triathlon.
      • Swim: 200 – 300m
      • Bike: 9 – 11k
      • Run: 2k – 2.5k
      • In the event you are unable to meet these distance requirements, please contact us to discuss.
  • Auto-Qualification: 
    • Top 10 boys and girls in each age group at all State Championships will automatically qualify for Nationals
  • Additional Qualification:
    • A score threshold will be set using USA Triathlon scoring/rankings. If the athlete meets or exceeds this score at the State Championship, they will have qualified for Youth and Junior Nationals. This will be similar to the scoring system we currently use for USA Triathlon national rankings.
  • Roll Down:
    • In the event an athlete competes at multiple State Championship events and finishes in the Top 10 at both events, slots will NOT roll down to the next athlete.
  • Age Requirements: 
    • Athletes with a minimum race age of 13 (13 as of 12/31 of the year of the race)
    • Athletes with a maximum race age of 18 (18 as of 12/31 of the year of the race)
  • Recognition and Awards:
    • USA Triathlon will provide awards for top finishers in each of the age groups and each gender: Boys 13-15 and 16-18, Girls 13-15 and 16-18
    • Race Directors are also allowed to provide awards to these athletes, but they must follow the same age group criterion set by USA Triathlon
  • Other Considerations:
    • State Championships must take place no later than 12 days before Youth and Junior Nationals on July 31, 2021
    • In the event a state does not have a championship in that time frame, then at least 1 bordering surrounding state will receive additional auto-qualifying spots
    • State Championships will be encouraged to have a race entry fee no higher than $50 for high school athletes, not inclusive of USA Triathlon membership fees.
    • RDs will be required to submit results within 24 hours of the event.
Please note: this qualification criteria applies ONLY to the high school portion of your state championship. The adult age group portion of your state championship will still be treated as it is in 2020 as a sprint or Olympic-distance triathlon with qualification to the Toyota Age Group National Championships. We know that many events do not currently have a super sprint triathlon as part of their events. It is very important that you find a way to add this distance to your event as it will be much more accommodating to high school-aged athletes. The mission of this new qualification process is to ultimately grow youth multisport participation and we need your help to make it happen.


Event Information 

With support from USA Triathlon, the race director will be fully responsible for producing their respective, previously existing event. The race director will have a dedicated contact at USAT that will be their guide through the entire process. 

Selection Criteria

  • Race Distances, Location, and Time of Year
    • Are the course distances appropriate for the designation being applied for?
      • See course distance ranges here.
    • Is the event location appropriate for the designation and time of year?
      • Climate, water temperature, chance of natural disasters, and other weather aspects will be taken into consideration.
    • How far is the race site from local hotels? 
    • What is the major airport that services this city? How far is the race site from the airport? 
    • Does the event conflict with other USAT or ITU events? (Nationals only)
    • If there is a scheduling conflict with other events, will there be an athlete audience conflict? (Will athletes have a desire to do both events?)
    • Olympic and Sprint Regionals should occur before July 15 to qualify for Age Group Nationals in the same calendar year. Higher preference is given to regionals in events between June 1 and August 10.
    • Is there an Olympic and a Sprint distance at the same event? (State only)
    • The event should occur before July 15 to qualify for Age Group Nationals in the same calendar year. Higher preference is given to events before May 30th. (State only)
  • Scoring (State only)
    • Does the event have the ability to score clubs?
  • Certified Race Director
    • The race director must hold a USAT Race Director Certification that is current beginning January 1 of the event year. (Nationals only)
      • If Race Director is not certified at the time of application, they must pay for and complete the course prior to January 1 of the event year.
    • Preference is given to certified race directors, but is not required. (Regionals & State)
  • Is the event in good standing?
    • The event must be in good standing with USA Triathlon sanctioning guidelines according to the Event Services department.
    • Race director must be clear of any sanctioning violations.
    • All fees for past and upcoming events must be paid.
    • Any outstanding payments to USAT must be rectified.
    • All post-race materials from previous events must be submitted.
  • Years in Existence
    • For the event being submitted, a minimum of 2 consecutive years of sanctioning is required for an event to be eligible.
    • Has this event been awarded a national, regional, or state championship in the past? If so, what years?
  • Order of Desire 
    • What is the race director’s desire to host the event in question in comparison to other National, Regional, or State Championships? 
  • Past 3 Year’s Participation
    • Higher participation numbers show an event’s desirability, success, and room for growth.
  • Why Should this Event be Chosen to Host?
    • What can your event provide to athletes that makes it stand out?
    • What makes the athlete experience, venue, and city special?
    • What improvements will you make to your existing event should you be chosen?
    • What will you do to provide a ‘championship caliber’ atmosphere? 

Note that all championship events are required to use an RTAV system within the registration flow. Active is required unless under current contractual obligation with another company.

Marketing Expectations

Events awarded a national championship designation must adhere to these minimum marketing requirements set by USA Triathlon. Selected events will receive a manual with much more detail on our expectations.

  • The USAT Championship designation must be clearly identified, using the supplied Championship logo on event applications, marketing materials, awards, clothing, in television specials/videos, etc.  
  • At a minimum, the USAT Championship logo and verbiage must appear on both the front page and registration page of the event website. Both the logo and verbiage must be removed from the event website at the end of the designation year. 
  • All media used to advertise and market the event must state you are hosting a 2021 USA Triathlon Championship and if the race qualifies athletes for Team USA, it needs to be advertised and marketed as a 2022 Team USA World Championship qualifier.
  • In addition to signage created by the event organizer, USAT will send Championship branded signage that must be utilized around the finish line and other high-traffic areas.
  • Race directors must adhere to the USAT Logo Usage Guidelines for USAT Championships.
  • Race directors must make every effort to ensure their event provides a "championship caliber" atmosphere for the athletes.

How to Apply

All applications (except for the Festival) must be submitted via this link. For multiple events you host, you will have to submit separate applications for each event.

Please review this Request for Proposal document for Multisport National Championships Festival application requirements.

The application period for 2021 events (except the Festival) closes on February 28, 2020. Multisport National Championships Festival applications are due April 17, 2020.

For questions about the process or specific national championship designations, please contact the National Events Department: