Pre-Race FAQ

Real Time Account Validation (RTAV)

Utilizing a Real Time Account Validation (RTAV) registration platform helps to streamline the packet pick-up process on race day and minimizes the amount of funds and paperwork that a race director must submit during the post-race process. 

RTAV registration platforms direct athletes to USA Triathlon’s website during your event registration flow where they purchase one-day and annual memberships or validate annual memberships. Athlete’s accounts will be updated instantly, they will sign the USAT membership waiver and then receive their member number at the end of the purchase process before being returned to your registration platform.

Smartphones may also be used to show both a photo of another athlete's ID and a digital copy of their race confirmation or QR code.

This saves you and the athlete time at packet pick-up because you don’t need to verify their membership or have them sign a waiver. You just check their ID, give them their packet and that’s it! 

Did you know that you can also use the RTAV system to sell one-day licenses on site at packet pickup? It will speed up your post-race submissions and eliminate all cash, check, and card payments onsite.

Why use an RTAV? 

  • Saves you time
  • Easy to setup
  • Simplified Post-Race Reconciliation
  • Possible to have NO Post-Race accounting when RTAV is setup for onsite membership purchase 
  • Athletes get their USAT Membership quicker
  • No risk of athletes racing without signing a waiver, removing any potential legal exposure 
  • Streamlined packet pick-up process, check their ID and go!

Packet Pickup Without RTAV

  • Ensure EVERY participant has a USAT Annual Membership or One-Day License
  • Verify USAT membership card
  • Verify every USAT Membership or One-Day License online
  • Verify membership waiver has been signed 
  • Collect USAT Annual Membership fees and One-Day License fees 
  • Collect personal information
  • Have athlete sign USAT waiver
  • Complete Post-Race accounting form
  • Submit fees, waivers and accounting form to USAT during Post-Race

What happens at packet pickup?

ALL athletes are required to show photo ID at the time of packet pickup.

In some cases, Race Directors may elect to allow coaches, teammates, friends, or family members to pick up a packet for the participating athlete. This option is at the Race Director’s discretion. If this is allowed the person picking up the packet must have a copy of the athlete’s ID and written verification from the athlete that the individual picking up the packet is authorized to do so. Smartphones can also be used to show both a photo of another athlete's ID and a digital copy of their race confirmation or QR code.

Annual members are not required to bring their membership card every time they compete in a USAT sanctioned event but it is good practice to bring a copy of it, in the event the Race Director does not have record of the membership on file. This would likely only happen if the athlete’s membership was not verified at the time of on-line registration. Please note the USAT Triathlon App is no longer connected to the membership system and cannot be used to access the current membership card. Please download your card from the membership system.

If their card has been lost, they can download and print out a temporary one by logging into their membership account.

Important things to remember during packet pickup:

  1. Below is a breakdown of all membership fees:
    Adult Annual Membership - $50
    Adult One-Day License - $15
    Youth (age 17 and under) Annual Membership - $10

  2. All athletes are required to show a photo ID. NO ID, NO RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Every single participant, including relay participants, must have a photo ID. A Youth athlete without an ID must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with a photo ID. Annual members are only required to show their membership card if you are not using an RTAV registration platform.
    If an athlete does not bring a photo ID to packet pickup, there are two options:
    1) Go home to get it
    2) Have someone email/text them a copy of their photo ID
If an athlete does not bring a USA Triathlon Membership card to packet pickup, there are a few options:
1) Access a temporary card via the USAT Member Hub
2) Go home to get it
3) Purchase an Adult One-Day Membership ($15) which can later be applied to the purchase of an Adult Annual Membership renewal ($50). More information can be found here
*Not applicable to events who have used Real-Time Account Validation (RTAV) registration platforms

  • USA Triathlon is no longer issuing hard copy waivers. If you intend to allow athletes to register at the race site, please have them purchase an Adult One-Day Membership ($15) using the link that's specific to this race
  • Athletes that need to purchase an Adult One-Day Membership ($15), must sign the USA Triathlon waiver if it was not included with the event registration process. Annual members do not have to sign a waiver at packet pickup because they signed it when they applied to become an annual member.
  • It is required by USA Triathlon that you review the USA Triathlon Participant Banned List prior to the USAT Sanctioned Event.

  • Can I mail packets to participants ahead of time?
    Due to the strict requirement for registered participants to show photo ID and proof of current USAT membership (annual members only) we do not recommend this. If you choose to offer this option, there must be a mechanism for verification of ID and USAT membership before the participant begins the event. This can become complicated and time intensive, therefore we recommend an in-person packet pickup process very strongly.

    How do I collect the Adult One-Day License fee?
    USA Triathlon encourages race directors to incorporate the $15 Adult One-Day License fee into race registration by offering annual members a $15 discount. A sample statement that race directors may use in their registration is: "USA Triathlon members will receive a $15 discount off their race registration fee. A current annual membership card and photo ID are required at packet pick-up, or you must purchase a $15 Adult One-Day License".  Another option is to offer two registration fees, one for annual members and one for non-annual members. For example: USAT member $50, Non-USAT member $65.

    Non-annual members - if you plan to participate in three or more USA Triathlon sanctioned events this year, consider purchasing an annual membership.  Annual memberships are $50. Sign up here.

    That little key tag is pretty handy - does the athlete still need to show the larger membership card?
    No, the key tag is meant to act as a primary membership card and a convenience to athletes and race directors.

    Can an athlete pay for their Adult One-Day License ($15) with a credit card?
    No. USAT only accepts cash or check for Adult One-Day License fees.

    We have our own waiver. Do the athletes need to sign USA Triathlon's waiver as well?
    Yes.  If you included the USA Triathlon waiver and $15 fee in your registration brochure or online, athletes do not need to sign the waiver again at packet pickup.

    I ran out of waivers at packet pick up, what can I do?
    Please do one of the following: 

    • Make copies of the waiver
    • Post a waiver, have the athlete read it and sign a list verifying that they have read and agree to the waiver

    Do my volunteers need to sign a waiver?
    It is highly recommended to have your volunteers sign a waiver. The volunteer waiver can be found on the race director's dashboard and are available to download here (PDF).

    SafeSport Policy
    Review and follow the SafeSport at Events policy. 

    This policy includes important requirements issued by the U.S. Center for SafeSport regarding event communications, training, mandatory reporting and prohibited one-on-one contact with minors. We appreciate your commitment to keeping our sport safe. 

    If you have any questions about the SafeSport policy, please email our Compliance Team at

    For all events and clinics, please provide the following athlete registration information to the timer so they can properly format the results to meet the USA Triathlon requirements.

    Required Athlete Registration Information Additional Athlete Registration Information
     USAT Member Number  Leg 1 Time
     Last name  Transition 1 Time
     First name  Leg 2 Time
     Gender  Transition 2 Time
     Date of Birth  Leg 3 Time
     Email Address  Did Not Finish (DNF) List
     Mailing Address  Did Not Start (DNS) List
     Zip Code  
     Category (age group, open or elite)  
     Final Time  

    What should I do in the event of an emergency? 
    If there is a serious accident or injury at your event, please contact our Risk Management Team. Be sure to include the event name and/or event number in the correspondence so we can better serve you. 

    As part of the process we will ask that you fill out an incident report and to take pictures and witness statements if applicable. We will also need you to give the athlete or their family a copy of our medical claim form to be filled out and turned into our insurance carrier.

    Risk Management Team
    Brad Hildebrandt – 719.955.2821
    Aubrey Brick - 719.955.2827

    If you have any questions about the sanctioning process, please email us at or call (719) 884-5612