Post-Race FAQ

All Post-Race materials must be postmarked within 15 business days of the event date.

Required items for Adult Events: 

  • Event Accounting form 
  • Collected membership money 
  • Signed annual membership forms/waivers 
  • Incident reports
  • Electronic results
  • Officials’ evaluation if applicable 
  • Swim Safety Report  

Required items for Youth Events and Adult or Youth Clinics: 

  • Event Accounting form
  • Collected membership money
  • Signed annual membership forms/waivers
  • Incident reports
  • Swim Safety Report
  • If you hosted a Youth Clinic/Event, you also need to submit a registration list as part of post-race

Where can I find the documents listed above?
All pre-race documents can be downloaded from the race director toolbox. Check back each year for the most current and up to date forms.

How do I properly submit the Accounting form and other required post-race materials?
Race directors are invited to watch the free webinar: How to Submit Post Race Materials. This 30 minute webinar created by the Accounting team will cover the 4 different ways to submit post-race to USA Triathlon, detailing the completion of the USA Triathlon Accounting form. Slides for this webinar can be downloaded here, and questions or inquiries about this webinar can be directed to the Accounting department at

Please Note - Only the USAT Incident Report form will be accepted by our insurance provider.  Reports completed on any other form will be returned.  Also remember that the race director’s or the medical personnel’s signature is required at the bottom of every form.  Unsigned reports will be returned for signature.

What do I do if there is a serious accident at my event?
If there is a serious accident or injury at one of your events please contact our Risk Management team as soon as it is convenient. As part of the process we will ask that you fill out an incident report and to take pictures and witness statements if applicable. 

We will also need you to give the athlete or their family a copy of our medical claim form to be filled out and turned into our insurance carrier. If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Risk Management Team.

Risk Management Team
Brad Hildebrandt – 719.955.2821
Amber Cratsenberg - 206.250.3604

What do I do with the USAT waiver?
All signed waivers and membership forms for annual membership purchases (including youth annual memberships) must be returned to USAT for processing.  If waivers were collected online, please include a list of those participants who purchased an annual membership at the event and indicate that their waivers were collected and are being stored online. This list should include DOB, gender, address, email, and phone number.

Waivers and membership forms for adult one-day sales may be stored by the race director and are required to be kept for seven years. Waivers ‘signed’ electronically through online registration must be stored and accessible if requested by USAT for seven years as well. All youth memberships and waivers must be returned to USAT for storage. Ensure the registration provider correctly collects signatures by downloading the Waiver Usage Guidelines from the race director toolbox.

How do I submit the Swim Safety Report?
The Swim Safety Report is only accepted online through the sanction application. The report is required for each race within an event that included a swim, regardless of the swim venue.

Where do I send my Post-Race materials?
If sending the Accounting form by email, please email to If the race director requests hard copies of the waiver, USAT will provide a pre-paid UPS label in the sanction approval box to submit the post race materials with. If you misplace the label or do no request hard copies of the waiver, please mail the materials to:

USA Triathlon Headquarters
Attn: Finance Department
5825 Delmonico Drive, Suite #200
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

When do the Post-Race materials have to be sent back?
The Post-Race materials must be postmarked no later than 15 business days past the event date.

  • If all the participants in your clinic were annual members an accounting form is still required. Please indicate so on the Accounting form.
  • Race Directors who do not submit all required Post-Race materials within the allotted timeframe (of 15 business days) may be denied future USAT Event Sanctioning.

How do I score my event (adult races only)?
Triathlon is scored by time. The object of each participant is to accumulate the lowest aggregate time when crossing the finish line. The time for each participant commences with the starting time of the participant’s assigned wave or group. The time continues, uninterrupted, until the participant completes the race by crossing the finish line. A participant’s official time shall include his total elapsed time plus any assessed time penalties. Official overall results shall list all participants ranked in order of their official time, sorted by least time to greatest time. A participant who receives a Disqualification shall not have a finish time listed in the official overall results.

There shall be no adjustment to any participant’s total elapsed time for any reason other than the addition of penalty time. Adverse effects on overall time caused by delays on course due to traffic, accidents, trains, or straying off course are considered part of the participant’s time and may not be mitigated by "adjustment."

Where do I send my electronic results?
Upload event results electronically into your Sanctioning Application within 15 business days following event completion.

  • Please be sure that the name on your result files matches the event name on the sanction application and that the results requirements have been followed.
  • Each race within an event MUST have a separate sheet for results.
  • All results must be sent or uploaded as a .txt, .csv or .xls file.
  • A results requirements form is available under the Documents tab in your USAT account on the USAT website, so please pass that on to your timers to assist them. 

If you have any questions about results, please contact us by email at

Do non-USAT members need to be included in the results?
Yes, all participants (except relays) must be included in the result file.

How come the rankings for a specific race have not yet appeared in the system?
Most commonly, results are not submitted in the proper format, with the required information or in a timely fashion. If you are a race director and believe the results should be appearing, please contact for assistance.

If you are USAT member and can't locate results for a specific event, please contact the race director first. If there is still a problem, email for help.

If you have any questions about the sanctioning process, please email us at or call (719) 884-5612