How can I be sure the rules are properly enforced?

The best solution is to request the presence of a USAT-certified official at the event. The typical ratio of officials to participants is 1 official for every 200 athletes. A motorcycle must be provided for each official so they can access the bicycle course. There are some costs involved that could present an obstacle to smaller or lower-budget races, but USA Triathlon works to support each event that requests the presence of trained officials. Whether or not USAT-certified officials are present, every sanctioned event director is required to ensure that the USAT Competitive Rules are enforced. This provides consistency across the nation for each and every race.

Why aren't USA Triathlon certified officials required at every sanctioned event?

Since a variety of events are sanctioned, such as clinics, aquathlon, aquabike, winter triathlon and off-road triathlon, it is not feasible to require officials at every sanctioned event. In some cases it does not make financial sense for the race director to go to the expense of providing USAT-certified officials. Finally, there are simply not enough certified officials to staff each and every race across the nation. Learn more about becoming a USA Triathlon Certified Official here.

How many officials are needed to work my event?
Please follow the table below to determine the minimum number of officials needed:

 Event Size
 Head Assistants
 200 or fewer  1  0
 201-400  1  1
 401-600  1  2
 601-800  1  3
 800+  1  4+

Keep in mind that the number needed will vary depending on the course distance and layout.  If USAT Officials have been requested for the event, the Regional Officials Coordinator will contact the race director to determine the exact number of officials the event will need.

What does it cost to have USAT Officials?

The Race Director is responsible for the following costs:

  • $90 per official for sprint and international distances
  • $150 for long and ultra distances
  • Head referee receives an additional $75 stipend for events with 200+ athletes
  • All travel costs: $0.545 per mile per referee, round trip or airfare and ground transportation (RD's choice)
  • All lodging costs: no more than two officials per room

What are the payment requirements if I have requested USAT Officials? 

Payment to USAT Officials is made on-site prior to the conclusion of the awards ceremony.

Are there any other requirements regarding USAT Officials?

The Race Director shall provide one motorcycle and one licensed motorcycle driver for each USAT Certified Official assigned to the event.  An excess number of motorcycles and motorcycle drivers should be requested to provide for motorcycles and motorcycle drivers that do not show up to the event.  Motorcycles and licensed motorcycle drivers must be provided for each official and/or course draft marshal unless otherwise agreed upon by USAT or the Head USAT Certified Official.

All championship events require a minimum of two USAT Certified Officials (excluding XTERRA and youth championship events) unless a dispensation is requested and approved by USAT.

It's one week before my race and I haven't heard from my requested officials. What should I do? 

Please call our Event Services Team immediately at (719) 884-5612.

Where can I find motorcycle drivers to work my event?