What happens at packet pickup?
ALL athletes are required to show photo ID. NO ID, NO RACE, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Every single participant in your race must have a photo ID, this includes all relay participants. Youth athletes without an ID must be accompanied by a parent/guardian with a photo ID.  Annual members are required to bring their membership card every time they compete in a USAT sanctioned event. If their card has been lost, they can download and print out a temporary one by logging into their membership account.    

Important things to remember during packet pickup:
1.    Below is a breakdown of all membership fees:
  • Adult Annual Membership - $50
  • Adult One-day Membership - $15
  • Youth (age 17 and under) Annual Membership - $10
2.    Athletes may only pick up their own packets. Under no circumstances may an athlete pick up a packet for another person. All relay members must be present to receive the packet, or split up the relay packet for each participant.

3.    If an athlete does not bring a photo ID to packet pickup they have two options:
  • Go home to get it
  • Have someone fax them a copy of their photo ID
4.    If an athlete does not bring their USAT membership card to packet pickup they have four options*:
  • Go home to get it
  • Find Internet access where a temporary card can be printed
  • Pull it up on their smart phone (click for link)
  • Purchase a one-day membership for $15 which can later be applied to a membership renewal by submitting a receipt of purchase

*Not applicable to events who have used Real-Time Account Validation (RTAV) registration platforms

5.    Athletes that need to purchase a one-day membership must sign the USAT waiver if it was not included on the event registration form or process.  Annual members do not have to sign a waiver at packet pickup because they already signed it when they applied to become an annual member.

Can I mail packets to participants ahead of time?
Due to the strict requirement for registered participants to show photo ID and proof of current USAT membership (annual members only) we do not recommend this. If you choose to offer this option, there must be a mechanism for verification of ID and USAT membership before the participant begins the event. This can become complicated and time intensive, therefore we recommend an in-person packet pickup process very strongly.

How do I collect the one-day membership fee?
USA Triathlon encourages race directors to incorporate the $15 one-day fee into race registration by offering annual members a $15 discount. A sample statement that race directors may use in their registration is: "USA Triathlon members will receive a $15 discount off their race registration fee. A current annual membership card and photo ID are required at packet pick-up, or you must purchase a $15 one-day membership".  Another option is to offer two registration fees, one for annual members and one for non-annual members. For example: USAT member $50, Non-USAT member $65.

Non-annual members - if you plan to participate in three or more USA Triathlon sanctioned events this year, consider purchasing an annual membership.  Annual memberships are $50. Sign up here.

That little key tag is pretty handy - does the athlete still need to show the larger membership card?
No, the key tag is meant to act as a primary membership card and a convenience to athletes and race directors.

Can an athlete pay for their one-day membership with a credit card?
No. USAT only accepts cash or check for one-day fees.

We have our own waiver. Do the athletes need to sign USA Triathlon's waiver as well?
Yes.  If you included the USA Triathlon waiver and $15 fee in your registration brochure or online, athletes do not need to sign the waiver again at packet pickup.

I ran out of waivers at packet pick up, what can I do?
Please do one of the following:   

  • Make copies of the waiver
  • Post a waiver, have the athlete read it and sign a list verifying that they have read and agree to the waiver

Do my volunteers need to sign a waiver?
It is highly recommended to have your volunteers sign a waiver. The volunteer waiver can be found on the race director's dashboard and are available to download here (PDF).