Who does the insurance policy cover? 

The USA Triathlon policy automatically covers USA Triathlon athletes, Race Directors, employees, officials, volunteers, and sponsors while participating in sanctioned events.  These groups and individuals are considered Class 1 insured and are named on the USAT insurance policy.

CLASS 1: Named Insured (no extra cost) - individuals already named on the policy (see above) who need proof of their coverage:

  • Race Director
  • Race Organizing Committee/Company/Club
  • Sponsors
  • Volunteers

Any other group that falls outside the above categories is considered a class 2 insured.

CLASS 2: Additional Insured ($10 each):

  • Property Owner
  • Facility
  • Government Entity (excludes police and medical personnel)
  • Venue
  • Others as Required by Contract

*Please note - Additional insured should be added sparingly and only if required by contract. Not all individuals/groups may qualify for additional insured status and issuance of an insurance certificate does not guarantee coverage for the party requesting coverage.

Each Class 2 additional insured requested will be an additional $10 on top of your sanctioning fee. Any insurance certificates requested the week of the event will be charged $25 per certificate. We cannot guarantee that requests made within 72 hours or less before your event will be processed in time.

What is a certificate of insurance?

A certificate provides the certificate holder proof of insurance only and evidences policy number(s), type(s) of coverage, limit(s), and deductible(s).  A certificate of insurance may be issued to anyone wanting proof of event insurance.

When will I receive my certificate(s)?

Insurance certificate request are processed each Monday and Thursday. Certificate request are put into the queue as soon as they’ve been paid for. For example, if you request an insurance certificate on Tuesday, that request will automatically go into the queue. However, the request will not be processed until Thursday. Once processed, you should receive your certificate(s) within 2-3 business days via email. The certificates will come from Integro Entertainment & Sport.