USA Triathlon Free Monthly Webinar Series

USA Triathlon is proud to present a Monthly Webinar series for race directors and those interested in learning more about directing endurance races. Each of our webinars are presented by industry leaders in their perspective fields that can boost a race director's knowledge and offer insight into additional techniques to implement at their events. Certified Race Directors may use any of these webinars for Continued Education Units. In order to redeem CEUs race directors must write a short paragraph explaining what they learned from the webinar.

Emergency Preparation and Contingency Planning

Presenters: Brian D'Amico, USA Triathlon Director of Events and Brad Hildebrandt, USA Triathlon National Events Manager

Summary: USAT staff members Brian D'Amico and Brad Hildebrandt combine their collective 40+ years of experience to walk you through preparing for all types of emergencies and having contingency plans in place to ensure your event is prepared for every possibility.

This presentation will cover working with local entities, staff communication procedures, medical preparation, various types of incident plans (swim, bike, run, fatality, weather, evacuation) and contingency race course planning, among others.


Going Green on Race Day, Environmental Sustainability for Race Directors

Presenters: Eva Solomon, Founder and CEO Epic Races, USAT Certified Level 1 Race Director and Jeff Jackson, Founder Happy Planet Running

Summary: Do you want your events to be more environmentally friendly? Zero Waste is a sound and responsible approach for any size event. But as one race director discovered, putting out a few recycle bins and having best intentions is not enough. And with the rules of recycling changing rapidly, much of your effort could end up going for nothing.

This webinar, co-hosted by a race director and a Zero Waste event professional, will outline what’s needed to succeed in reducing your event’s environmental footprint. We’ll cover planning, execution and data collection, the costs involved, and training your staff and event volunteers. And we’ll give you the latest on what can and cannot be recycled, with alternatives for difficult-to-recycle materials.

Read Eva's 2018 interview with USA Triathlon on sustainability here.

Strategies for Engaging Local Media

Presenters: Gabriela Gallegos USAT Board Member and USAT Certified Race Director and Elizabeth O'Hara Former News Director for KTSM


Summary: Would you like to get more media attention at your race? Would you like your local t.v. news to broadcast your event live? Gabriela Gallegos has shown initiative as well as a lot of creativity when it comes to her work with her local NBC news affiliate. Not only does the television news division cover the highlights of her event but also broadcasts it live. She has introduced the sport of triathlon to her local community of El Paso and has increased participation to her events because of it.

This webinar will be going over how she was able to work with her local news affiliate to make it beneficial for all parties involved as well as steps you can use to do the same.   

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Drive Registration


Summary: Alex Ross operates the Social Media accounts for the Colfax Marathon in Denver, Colorado a massive endurance event each year. In this, webinar he'll focus on 3 things you can do today that can lead towards increasing registrations for your event. This is a can't miss presentation for those race directors that are looking to boost their profile on Social Media.

If you would like to join the live presentation please click here.

Grow Athlete Numbers Through Diversity

Presenters: Megan Ritch -  Diversity & Inclusion and SafeSport Education Manager

Summary: Want to grow your athlete numbers? Megan Ritch USA Triathlon's Diversity and Inclusion Manager will speak to how Race Directors can create marketing and promotional plans to help grow their numbers through diversity. 

Rules and Enforcement

Presenters: Deb Wilson - Commissioner of Officials 

Summary: Have you had USAT Officials at your event before? Deb Wilson, USA Triathlon's Commissioner of Officials will be presenting on the advantages for race directors and athletes to have officials at your event. If you have ever wondered whether or not to request officials should watch this webinar.

Reducing and Managing Risk

Presenters: Jim Flint  - Level II Certified Race Director 

Summary: Having worked with USA Triathlon in the past as an expert witness on several of our cases Jim is uniquely qualified to speak about how a race director can mitigate their risk at events. This is an incredibly important topic and is a must see for race directors interested in protecting themselves and their race organizations at an event.

Youth Triathlon

PresentersSharon Bousquet  - Level II Certified Race Director

Summary: Sharon a race director of several youth events in the New England area discusses what she does to prepare for a youth event as well as how to grow a pool of youth triathletes in your area. Anyone interested in starting a youth event and want to see what other race directors are doing are encouraged to view.

Big Time Operations for Small Time Races

PresentersDan Carroll  - Level II Certified Race Director

Summary: Just because you have a small event doesn't mean you shouldn't treat it like a large event. Dan Carroll of High Five Events will walk viewers through his pre-race rituals that can assist race directors create a professional and enjoyable race for their athletes.

Swim Safety - What are you Missing?

PresentersKathleen Walker  - Level II Certified Race Director

Summary: Would you like to learn more about protecting athletes in the water? Kathleen Walker an established veteran race director in New England will walk you through the process of putting on a great race by preparing heavily for the swim portion. Any race director that has a swim portion at their events that are looking for additional techniques to add to their race should not miss this webinar.