Level 1 Recertification

For a Level 1 Race Director Recertification worksheet, click here

In order to maintain an active certification status with USAT, each Certified Race Director must meet the following criteria every two years or obtain a Level 1 Certification. See below for details on each item.

  1. Online Background Check (policies and instructions)
  2. Safe Sport Program (Instructions)
  3. Longevity – Two years in the program supported by directing a minimum of one USAT sanctioned event annually; one event for first-time race directors.
  4. Sanction Compliance – Each USAT sanctioned event must be fully compliant with all sanction requirements, including pre- and post-event deadlines, fees and materials.
  5. Continuing Education – 8 hours of USAT approved education and/or experiential programs, for example RD Symposium, USAT Officials Clinic or partner-offered education such as IEG's free webinars.
  6. Community Service to Multisport – Some examples are participating on a regional or national board, a USAT committee, volunteer support at a USAT sanctioned event, or teach a USAT CEU via web or in person.
  7. Updated Forms – Signed copy of USAT Certified RD Code of Ethics.  

The above criteria must submitted by December 31 of the calendar year in which your certification expires (see below).

All Certified Race Directors must complete and pass a background screening in order to recertify.

**Current Level 2 Race Directors must meet the Level 2 recertification requirements outlined on the Level 2 page, with the exception of the exam, in order to maintain a Level 2 status.**

Recertification Process

The recertification process has moved to an online system. Please use the step-by-step guide below to access the website and information on the steps to complete the recertification process. If an incomplete application or an application that does not meet the meet the requirements is submitted, the race director will be asked to resubmit the correct material through the online system. Necessary documents are below.

Certified Race directors must submit their recertification material online by their certification expiration date (see outline below). The recertification step-by-step guide contains all the instructions for how to proceed through the process. Please read all instructions carefully before submitting materials.

Please email Todd Brewer with any questions.

Race Directors completing a new, higher-level USAT certification (Level II)  are automatically renewed for the next two year period as a result of completing the new certification. Race Directors must be current in their Level I certification in order to apply for Level II status.

Continuing Education Requirements

Eight (8) CEUs during the two (2) years following certification - four (4) must be USAT approved:

  • USAT Approved Courses
  • USAT Presented Seminars/Webinars
  • Official's Certification
  • USAT Race Director Symposium
  • Approved CEU Classes (Active Endurance, IEG, etc). See Continuing Education Opportunities for more details.

Non-USAT Courses:

  • Business/Professional Development
  • Formal Higher Education Courses
  • Business Classes
  • Professional Certifications
  • Reciprocal NGB Certifications

* Must be relevant to event production or race directing

USAT Approved Courses: 1 CEU per contact hour - maximum of 10 hours per class

Non-USAT Courses: 1 CEU per contact hour - maximum of 4 hours per class

USAT RD Symposium is 8 CEUs for attending one time and 15 CEUs for attending twice in 2 years (counts towards Level 2).  Attendance in 2010 earned 10 CEUs.

Formal Higher Education classes - Four CEUs will be provided for each academic credit earned with a maximum of 10 CEUs per course, i.e. 1 credit hour earns 4 CEUs, 2 credit hours earns 8 CEUs, and 3 credit hours earns 10 CEUs.

CEU Opportunities presented by USAT can be found here.

This is not a comprehensive list. Please email Todd Brewer to see if a class you are interested in taking or have already taken in will qualify!

Community Service Requirements

The following are examples of activities that meet the community service requirement. Please email Todd Brewer with questions about a specific activity that is not listed below as many will qualify!

  • Volunteer time working at another sanctioned event (outside owned event organization)
  • Work as a USAT Certified Official at another sanctioned event (not your own)
  • Present at a USAT Certification course
  • Teach a USAT Approved CEU
  • Obtaining a governance position with USAT
  • USAT Ambassador Program (hosting or participating)
  • Hosting a USAT Official's Clinic

Certification Expiration Dates

  • Certified in 2015, expiration 12/31/2017 and 8 CEUs required Certified in 2016, expiration 12/31/2018 and 8 CEUs required 
  • Certified in 2017, expiration 12/31/2019 and 8 CEUs required
  • Certified in 2018, expiration 12/31/2020 and 8 CEUs required

Recertification must be submitted before December 31 of the calendar year in which your certification expires.

2019 Late Recertification Policy

RD's shall base their late recertification based on the following dates:

  • Completed Online University Recertification January 1 - March 31: A $50 late fee is required to be reinstated as current. Certification is not extended, original expiration dates are used.
  • Completed Online University Recertification April 1 - December 31: Race Director must retake the race director certification exam (I or II depending on the race director’s level) and pay a $100 exam processing fee. The certification exam retake is in addition to the regular CEU requirements (8 for Level I, 15 for Level II). The $50 late fee is required as well.
  • Completed Online University Recertification after December 31: Race Director must retake the Level I or II Clinic and corresponding exam to be reinstated as current.


  • Recertification Due: 12/31/18
    • Materials Complete by 12/31/18: Current Through 12/31/20
    • Materials Complete on 1/1/18 - 3/31/18: $50 Late Fee Required; Current Through 12/31/20
    • Materials Complete on 4/1/19 through 12/31/19: $50 Late Fee,  Level I or II Exam Required with $100 Exam Processing Fee; Current Through 12/31/20
    • Materials Complete 1/1/20 or later: Race Director must retake the Level I or II Clinic and Exam to be reinstated as current.