Level 2 RD Certification

Level 2 Race Directors are those Race Directors that have chosen to have the highest accreditation that USA Triathlon offers. Race Directors must be current in their Level 1 certification in order to apply for Level 2 status. A Level 2 Race Director will be expected to take part in some form of USAT Support and Mentor other race directors. The goal of our Level 2 program is to have a group of race directors that others can look towards for advice and information.

How to Become a Level 2 Race Director

In order to obtain Level 2 status, Certified Race Directors must complete an online certification exam as well as USA Triathlon Support, Mentoring Program, and attend Business Management Conferences or Education modules. USA Triathlon support could be through Race Director Committee service, a USAT Task Force or Committee, hosting a non-owned National or Regional Championship, key support at an owned National Championship (Collegiate Club, Duathlon, Youth and Junior, Age Group), or through the Regional or National USAT board. The Mentoring Program is accomplished through mentoring or being mentored by another Certified Race Director. Several steps are identified in the mentoring piece – lessons learned, key components taught, and major outcomes – that are reported in the documentation.

Similar to Level 1, the background screening is required as well as sanction compliance with Event Services. 15 CEUs are necessary in order to obtain Level 2 status. Contribution to the community or volunteering hours are necessary for the Community Service to Multisport. For more information on how to recertify as a Level 2 please click here.