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USA Triathlon presents organized educational opportunities for race directors each year. Included in these programs are the Race Director Certification Course and the annual Race Director Symposium/Summit.

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On-Demand Race Director Certification

Race Director Certification is a 14-hour education course that addresses the latest in race directing methods, insurance/risk management trends, and USAT sanctioning compliance. The program is designed for the seasoned event director as well as those that are new to the industry. Race Directors will now have the opportunity to take the certification course online and at their leisure within an 8 week period. The certification course costs $350 and will come with Free USA Triathlon Annual Membership.

Race Directors can register for the course here on Triathlonlearning.com.

Race Directors can register for the Level II course here on Triahtlonlearning.com.

Paratriathlon Race Director Certification

Having discussed at great length with many of our race directors about additional educational opportunities, USA Triathlon is proud to present the first-ever Paratriathlon Certification made specifically for Race Directors! The overall goal of the course is to better prepare our race directors for para athletes at their events. We will be discussing course design, marketing efforts, and best practices you can immediately implement at your next event. Race Directors do not need to go through Race Director Certification to qualify, however the Paratriathlon course will offer attendees 4 CEU's towards their next recertification. 

The only prerequisite to enter the course is that the race director is up to date on Background Check through NCSI and SafeSport Training.

The course itself will take about an hour of your time, Race Directors can register here on Triathlonlearning.com.

SafeSport and Background Checks

Race Directors, if you are hosting an event with athletes ages 17 and younger, you will need to take SafeSport training as well as a background check through NCSI. If you have not taken SafeSport training within the last year or a background check within the last two years, you will need to take and resubmit both.

Find a Certified Race Director

Certified Race Directors have completed a 16-hour educational training class. This course includes information on the latest in race directing methods, insurance/risk management trends, and USA Triathlon sanctioning compliance. While the certification course is not mandatory for race directors who sanction their events with USA Triathlon, the program is extremely valuable to both new and seasoned event directors. Completing the Race Director Certification course shows that an event director is mindful of keeping in touch with the latest industry trends that will in turn allow better events to be produced. While this course is not required for everyone, athletes should expect more from race directors who are certified.

Click here to view the list of USA Triathlon Certified Race Directors.


Misconduct Reporting Procedures 

USA Triathlon requires reporting of sexual misconduct or ethical misconduct by any coach, race director, support staff and strongly encourages reporting boundary violations, red flag behavior, or any other inappropriate conduct. 

Child abuse and child sexual abuse is a crime. If USA Triathlon receives a complaint of sexual misconduct involving a minor, we will report it to the proper authorities and we urge all individuals to do the same. 

Out of respect for the importance of this issue and to encourage honest and effective reporting, knowingly providing false or vindictive reports will not be tolerated. 

Providing specific information regarding abuse or suspected abuse helps USA Triathlon to investigate the complaint, and when appropriate, enforce consequences. 

If you need to report a violation or have questions about your situation, please contact the USA Triathlon SafeSport team at safesport@usatriathlon.org. More SafeSport resources can be found here


Fatalities Study

USA Triathlon views the safety of our members as a core imperative. Event-related fatalities have captured the attention of our community, raising safety concerns among athletes, family members and other supporters, event organizers, sponsors, community leaders, and the medical community. We have conducted a careful review of the collective experience with fatalities at USA Triathlon-sanctioned events from 2003 through 2011. Our objectives were to attempt to bring clarity, identify potential patterns and underlying causes, and investigate opportunities to make any future improvements in event safety.

Click here to view the study.