Program Structure and Contacts

The Commissioner of Officials is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of the USAT Competitive Rules; sets the standard of behavior for officials, sets policy and creates procedures for rules enforcement and reporting at sanctioned events. 

The National Officials Program has thirteen Regional Officials Coordinators (ROC) and one Technical Officials Coordinator (TOC) spread across the United States.  The ROCs and TOC report directly to the Commissioner of Officials and are responsible to supervise, recruit, train, mentor, develop and assign Competitive Rules Officials (CRO) and National Technical Officials (NTO) to sanctioned events that request officials.  They work closely with the Commissioner to enforce program policies and standards, stay abreast of changes to the program and make recommendations for program improvement. They maintain an active roster of officials, race schedule, assignments and collection of post-race documents. They make sure all officials are compliant with their certifications.  The CROs in each region report directly to their respective ROC and NTOs report directly to the TOC.

National Officials Program Contact List:
Commissioner of Officials Senior Coordinator/Elite Rules Instructor
Deb Wilson - (719) 235-6099 Al Hennigan - (931) 581-3436
Technical Officials Coordinator Senior Coordinator
Paul Brandt - (618) 719-9287 Merry Prather - (972) 658-0757


Regional Officials' Coordinators (ROC) Regional Program Contacts
Region States ROC
Florida FL Brad Compton - (305) 219-6594
Mid-Atlantic North DE, NJ, PA Bridget Schleich - (732) 978-0664
Mid-Atlantic Central MD, VA, WV Jim Littlefield - (301) 325-1742
Mid-Atlantic South NC, SC Lisa Lambeth - (919) 272-5119
Mideast IL, IN, KY, MI, OH Kristin Nemitz - (847) 809-3071
Midwest IA, KS, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD, WI Brian Watkins - (641) 330-5442
Northeast CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT Daria Vander Veer - (860) 796-0075
Pacific Northwest AK, ID, OR, MT, WA Carolyn Doll - (453) 602-7860
Rocky Mountain CO, NM, UT, WY Mike Baker - (915) 252-3689
Southeast AL, GA, MS, TN Al Hennigan - (931) 581-3436
South-Midwest North OK, TX (north of Waco) Merry Prather - (972) 658-0757
Lower South-Midwest AR, LA, TX (south of Waco) Mark Turner - (281) 786-5883
Southwest AZ, CA, HI, NV Melissa Murphy - (215) 469-1383

Officials' Working Groups

Advisory Group:

  • Cathy Pagani - Southeast Region
  • Carolyn Doll - Rocky Mountain Region
  • Mario Arbesu - Florida Region
  • Rob Lee - Rocky Mountain Region
  • Steve Buschkopf - Mideast Region

Rules Ambassadors: 

  • Al Hennigan – Southeast Region
  • Ana Hotaling – Mideast Region
  • Brian Watkins – Midwest Region
  • Carol Coram – Pacific Northwest Region
  • David Conover – Mid-Atlantic Central Region
  • Kathleen Monaghan – Mideast Region
  • Lee Turner – Lower South-Midwest Region
  • Marty Sudut – Florida Region
  • Michael Bowen – Southeast Region
  • Victor Trevino - Lower South-Midwest Region

Rules Education Working Group:

  • Gary Macdonell - Lower South-Midwest Region
  • Mark Turner - Lower South-Midwest Region
  • Ron Kowalczyk – Mideast Region
  • Simmons Falk – Mideast Region
  • Susan McArthur - Mideast Region
  • Lee Turner - Lower South-Midwest Region
  • Caetlin Watch - Lower South-Midwest Region