TrainingPeaks Coaching Resources

The following coaching resources are provided by TrainingPeaks. TrainingPeaks Coach Edition helps you deliver your expertise. Create training plans for your athletes, build workout libraries to quickly drag and drop onto their calendars, and adjust their schedules on the fly. Analyze their power, HR, and GPS data to get the full picture of their fitness over time. With our free mobile app and daily workout emails, your clients will have your plan wherever they go.

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Whether you are just growing your business or feeling overwhelmed by client expectations, by first assessing your own coaching values and priorities you can better serve the needs of your athletes.
Gaining clarity on your ideal athlete will help you focus your communication and reach the athletes you want to work with more effectively. This exercise creates a strong foundation for creating an effective marketing plan to grow your business.
These six steps for onboarding your athlete will help you set expectations, input data and start planning toward your athlete’s goals right away.
These eight tactics will help you get your athlete’s race day plan and expectations in order before their next event.
Save time planning and spend more time coaching with TrainingPeaks group calendar, dynamic plans and the new Home view.
Retaining athletes is easier than finding new ones. Use these tips from top coaches to keep your current athletes on board through the off season.
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