Expired USA Triathlon Coach Certification

A USA Triathlon Coaching Certification is valid for two (2) years. In order to maintain your USA Triathlon Coaching Certification, you must recertify at the end of that two-year time frame. All USA Triathlon Certified Coaches not completing recertification by their coach certification expiration date, will have their USA Triathlon Coach Certification revoked until late recertification is completed. 

If your USA Triathlon Coach Certification is revoked, USA Triathlon requires you to remove any type of advertisement that indicates you are a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. This includes the use of the USA Triathlon Certified Coach Logo on your website, email, and/or any other communication.  

Furthermore, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Coaching Ethics Code mandates that expired coaches may not make public statements that are false, deceptive, misleading, or fraudulent, either because of what they state, convey or suggest, or because of what they omit, concerning their work activities or organizations with which they are affiliated. As examples (and not in limitation) of this standard, coaches can not make false or deceptive statements concerning:

  • their training, experience, or competence
  • their credentials
  • their institutional or association affiliations

For questions regarding late recertification, please email coaching@usatriathlon.org

Late Recertification Policy

Late recertification submitted January 1/July 1 - December 31/June 30: A $50 late fee is required (additional to the $95 recertification application fee). Additionally, coaches must complete 5 more USAT approved CEUs on top of their already required amount and complete the regular recertification requirements to be reinstated as current. 

Late recertification submitted after December 31/June 30 (one year after recertification was due): Coaches must retake the coaching certification exam that coincides with their coaching level and pay the $100 fee to take the exam. In addition, coaches must complete all the requirements listed above as well as the regular recertification requirements.

Late recertification submitted after December 31/June 30 (two years after recertification was due): Coaches must retake the highest level in-person clinic they have attended and complete all the requirements that are required to attend a clinic of their coaching level.

Length of Expiration Late Recertification Additional Late Requirements 
< 1 Year Late Complete all formal recertification requirements

$50 late fee

5 additional USAT CEUs

1 Year Late Complete all formal recertification requirements

$50 late fee

5 additional USAT CEUs

Retake the Coaching Certification Exam ($100 fee) coinciding with your coach level

2 Years Late   Retake the highest level in-person Coach Certification Clinic you have attended and complete all requirements that are needed to attend a clinic

Late Recertification FAQ

What is the cost of a late recertification application?
The total cost of the late recertification application is $145 ($95 + $50 late fee). 

What are the late recertification CEU requirements?
Coaches are required to earn their standard recertification CEU requirement and 5 additional USAT CEUs. For example, a Level I Coach would need 20 CEUs total and of that total, 10 must be USAT CEUs and the remaining 10 can be USAT CEUs, Non-USAT CEUs or a mixture of the two. 

Why am I receiving an access denied message when I try to access the Performance Coaching Newsletter?
The Performance Coaching Newsletter is only available free of charge to current USA Triathlon Certified Coaches. Expired coaches must purchase access to the Performance Coaching Newsletters by emailing coaching@usatriathlon.org. Cost of access is $14.99 per month for access to the newsletter content then $9.99 per USAT CEU Exam. 

What are the coach benefits and resources I receive when I recertify?
As a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, you are a vital part of our success in the mission to grow, inspire and support the triathlon community. USAT is dedicated to providing you unparalleled resources to ensure you are qualified, confident and successful throughout your coaching career. 

  • General Liability Insurance Coverage (USA residents only)
  • Use of the USAT Certified Coach Logo
  • Listing in the Find A Coach Directory
  • One (1) free Certified Club Membership ($50 value)
  • Free access to the Performance Coaching Newsletter
  • Opportunities to engage with USA Triathlon 
  • Exclusive USA Triathlon Coach Merchandise
  • Access to coach specific continuing education courses
  • Access to the USAT Coaches Forum
  • Coach Mentorship Opportunities
  • Exclusive discounts from USA Triathlon sponsors
  • Discounted access to USAT Certified Training and Performance Centers
  • Discounted Event Sanctioning 
  • Hiring preference for open NCAA collegiate varsity triathlon coach positions