Youth & Junior Elite Coach Certification 

USA Triathlon’s Youth & Junior Elite Coaching Certification Program is designed to educate current USAT Certified Coaches on how to train youth and junior elite athletes safely and effectively throughout their developmental stages and through the USAT High Performance pipeline. This clinic provides coaches with information on specialized coaching skills and drills, age appropriate training regimes and testing protocols, physiological and nutritional considerations, draft legal racing, and basic training techniques to develop successful elite athletes. This clinic will also touch on opportunities within collegiate triathlon and USAT High Performance teams.
Not sure if this clinic is for you? This clinic would be beneficial for any coach who is looking to:
  • Creating or expanding a USAT High Performance Team
  • Working with U23/Junior Elite, Project 2020/2024 athletes

2020 Youth & Junior Elite Certification Schedule




TBD TBD You MUST be at least a USAT Level I Certified Coach to apply. Please contact with any questions.  

The cost of the clinic is $399. Successful completion of the Youth & Junior Elite certification program may extend USAT Level I, II, or III certifications (exceptions may apply).

Please contact with any questions.


Applicant Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Youth & Junior Elite Coaching Clinic, candidates must meet the requirements below:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation on registration day to 8 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: $25 Penalty
Cancellation on or after 8 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: $50 Penalty
Cancellation on or after 6 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: $150 Penalty
Cancellation on or after 4 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: NO REFUNDS AND NO EXCEPTIONS

Youth & Junior Coaching Recertification Policy

Level I, II, IIE, or III Coach
 Price       Free
  1. 5 youth specific CEUs (can be used towards 15/20 for LI, II or III)
  2. Youth CPR or First Aid
  3. Online Background Check (policies and criteria)
  4. Current USAT Annual Membership
  5. Youth specific Service to the Sport Documentation
  6. Ethics Code
  7. Online SafeSport Training (1 USAT CEU)

Recertifications must be completed online through USAT University.  Paper submissions are not accepted. 

*For example: A coach that has both Level I and Youth & Junior certifications will complete 15 CEUs total (20 total for Level II and Level III coaches). Of those 15 CEUs, five must be youth focused to recertify as a Youth & Junior Elite coach.

Youth Specific Service to the Sport Examples 

  • Coaching or presenting at a USA Triathlon recognized youth or junior camp, clinic or coaching program (may be paid).
  • Presenting or helping with a school based triathlon related educational program.
  • Contributing a youth or junior related article to a scholarly publication (research, academic publication or coaching article publication).
  • Hosting a USAT sanctioned youth/junior triathlon race/camp/clinic.
  • Giving a youth/junior related presentation at coaching clinic, club presentation or conference.
  • Volunteering at a youth/junior triathlon race, camp or clinic.
  • Contributing a newsletter article (youth/junior related) for Performance Coaching or USA Triathlon Life magazine (unpaid).
  • Participating in other programs as pre-approved by USAT’s Activities will be evaluated by USA Triathlon, and written documentation must be provided.

Youth Specific CEU Examples

 Course Youth CEUs Awarded
Documentation Required
USAT Youth Specific CEU Course
1 USAT CEU per hour
Certification of Completion
USAT Youth Specific Webinar
1 USAT CEU per hour CEU Exam
Art & Science Youth Specific DVD
1 USAT CEU per presentation CEU Exam
Crossfit Kids Certification 5 Non- USAT CEUs
Certificate of Completion
National Federation of State High School Conference 5 Non-USAT CEUs Certificate of Completion
National Federation of State High School Courses
Varies depending on course Certificate of Completion
USA Swimming Safe Sport Leadership Conference 5 Non-USAT CEUs Certification of Completion
National Alliance for Youth Sports Certification 5 Non-USAT CEUs Certification of Completion
National Coaching Conference 5 Non-USAT CEUs Certificate of Completion
ACE Youth Fitness Specialist Certification 5 Non-USAT CEUs Certificate of Completion
Formal Higher Education or Academic Internship 1 Non-USAT CEU per academic course Official or Unofficial Transcripts (passing grade and course description required)
Non-USAT Youth Specific Webinar 1 Non-USAT CEU per hour Certificate of Completion



Please know this list is not all-inclusive. For any questions about youth specific CEU approval, please contact