USA Triathlon’s Paratriathlon Coaching Certification Program is designed to educate current USA Triathlon Certified Coaches on how to train paratriathetes safely and effectively. This clinic provides coaches with information on ITU rules and classification, athlete pathways, swim, bike and run modifications and periodization. The clinic also includes two to three days of practical sessions with paratriathletes. 



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Paratriathlon Coach Recertification Requirements

A USA Triathlon Coaching Certification is valid for four (4) years. In order to maintain your USA Triathlon Coaching Certification, you must recertify at the end of that four-year time frame (USAT has two recertification deadlines per year: June 30 and December 31). Please note, your Coach Certification expiration date is located on your coaching certificate.

For detailed recertification information, please visit the USA Triathlon Recertification webpage.