The Level II clinic is designed to prepare coaches to work with developing elite and junior ITU level athletes. The course focuses on specific ITU style race requirements for athletes and covers performance based nutrition, mental skills, key components of training plans and specific workouts in all three disciplines as well as recovery techniques, ITU and World Ranking points systems and much more. This three-and-a-half-day course requires coaches to demonstrate hands-on coaching skills, ATP presentation knowledge and a high level of comprehension of high performance short course race preparation and execution.



Application Available Date


Please click here for directions on how to complete the Level II application.

The clinic fee is $655 and includes lunch and snacks on days 1-3 and snacks on day 4. It does not include lodging, any travel expenses, or the background check fee.

Level II Coach Applicant Requirements

Prior to certification, candidate must complete and/or submit the following:

  • Minimim two years of Level I Certification
  • Level II Clinic
  • Oral Presentation
  • Online Examination
  • CPR or AED Certification
  • USOC Ethics Code Agreement
  • Online SafeSport Training
  • Online Background Check (Criteria)
  • Current USA Triathlon Membership
  • Athlete Letter of Recommendation
  • Mentor Coach Letter of Recommendation
  • Brief History of 2 Years of Coaching Experience after USAT Level I Certification
  • Athlete training plan for your current athlete. Any format can be submitted but an example template can be found here.
  • One of the Following: 
      1. BA or BS degree in sport science or related field (preferred)
      2. Certification with relevance to triathlon (ACSM, USAC Level I or II, ASCA, USATF, NSCA or NASM)
  • The applicant must have annual service to USA Triathlon or educational contributions to the sport of triathlon (service during a USA Triathlon camp or clinic, contributions to the USA Triathlon coaching certification program or various related USAT programs).
  • The applicant must explain the status of an athlete, state two to three objectives for that athlete, explain what was done as a coach to address those objectives, and explain the results that were accomplished with that athlete.

Level II Clinic Procedures

There is a checklist that is used to score each candidate on the final presentation. Every candidate must score 80% in order to be eligible for LII certification along with passing the exam with a score of 80%.

If a candidate does not meet the above criteria, the following occurs:

  • The candidate has failed the course.
  • USAT discusses the areas that the candidate needs to improve, and the Coaching Education Specialty Manager discusses those areas with the candidate.
  • The Coaching Education Specialty Manager recommends webinars, books, CEUs and other areas that can help improve the candidates skills.
  • The Coaching Education Specialty Manager recommends that the candidate attend the Elite Mentorship Program prior to applying for a future Level II clinic.
  • The candidate must wait at least 12 months to apply for a future Level II clinic. Acceptance into or passing of a future Level II clinic is not guaranteed.

The clinic fee is $655 and includes lunch and snacks on days 1-3 and snacks on day 4. It does not include lodging, any travel expenses or the background check fee.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation on registration day to 8 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: $25 Penalty
Cancellation on or after 8 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: $50 Penalty
Cancellation on or after 6 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: $150 Penalty
Cancellation on or after 4 weeks prior to the first day of the clinic: NO REFUNDS AND NO EXCEPTIONS

Level II Recertification Procedure

Certified coaches must recertify every two years to remain informed on the latest information and expertise within triathlon. This process helps coaches continue to challenge themselves and further their knowledge to best serve their athletes. The recertification program also provides support to help cultivate the growing sport of triathlon, as well as USA Triathlon coaching programs. USA Triathlon’s recertification process consists of meeting specified criteria as well as submitting an online recertification application.

In order to recertify as a Level II Certified Coach, coaches must complete:

  • $95 Recertification Fee
  • Online Background Check 
  • Current USA Triathlon Annual Membership
  • USOC SafeSport Refresher Program 
  • Service to the Sport Documentation
  • 20 Continuing Education Units - 5 must be USAT Approved
  • CPR (Initial CPR certification must be completed in-person. CPR recertification can be completed online or in-person.)
  • Signed Ethics Code Agreement

For all recertification information, please see the USA Triathlon Recertification webpage.