Level II Coach Certification Requirements

For a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach to be eligible to advance to Level II, he/she needs to have met all of the required criteria and have earned a minimum of 8 Professional Advancement Units (PAUs). PAU were developed to provide flexibility for coaches with different professional experience to be considered for advancement.

Required Criteria:

  • Minimum two years as USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach
  • Coaching resume
  • Athlete letter of recommendation
  • USA Triathlon Level I Area of Focus prerequisite that corresponds to the Level II Specialization for which the coach is applying

Professional Advancement Units (PAU):

  • Letter of recommendation from USA Triathlon LII, or above, Certified Coach (1 PAU)
  • Continuous years as a USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach
    • 3-5 years (1 PAU)
    • 6-9 years (2 PAUs)
    • 10+ years (3 PAUs)
  • Level I Areas of Focus
    • 2 Focus Areas (1 PAU)
    • 3 Focus Areas (2 PAUs)
    • 4 Focus Areas (3 PAUs)
  • Degree in sport science or related field
    • Bachelor’s in sport science or related field (1 PAU)
    • Master’s in sport science or related field (2 PAUs)
    • Doctorate in sport science or related field (3 PAUs)
  • NGB/Industry certifications that are current and in good standing (maximum of 5 PAUs)
    • IRONMAN U Certified Coach (1 PAU)
    • USA Cycling (1 PAU)
    • USA Swimming (1 PAU)
    • Training Peaks (1 PAU)
    • USA Track and Field (1 PAU)
    • American College of Sports Medicine (1 PAU)
    • National Strength and Conditioning Association (1 PAU)
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine (1 PAU)
  • Current USA Triathlon Certified Race Director (1 PAU)
  • Current USA Triathlon Certified Official (1 PAU)
  • Head Coach of USAT Certified Club (1 PAU)
  • USAT webinar/clinic/workshop presenter (1 PAU per webinar/clinic/workshop with a maximum of 3 PAUs)
  • Service to the sport that includes the ways you have given back to the sport, above and beyond normal coaching duties (1 PAU)
  • Providing training plans, DTE, or other focused event coaching in conjunction with a local, state, or regional event (1 PAU)
During this time of transition between old and new requirements, please apply using the current process noting that there will be flexibility in the selection process. If you have any questions during or after the application process, to please email coaching@usatriathlon.org

Level II Coach Recertification Overview & Requirements

A USA Triathlon Coaching Certification is valid for two (2) years. In order to maintain your USA Triathlon Coaching Certification, you must recertify at the end of that two-year time frame. Please note, your Coach Certification expiration date is located on your coaching certificate.

For detailed recertification information, please visit the USA Triathlon Recertification webpage

Level II Recertification Requirements:

  • $195 Recertification Application Fee (includes a 2-year USA Triathlon Annual Membership)
  • "Green Light (Clear)" Background Check via NCSI
  • SafeSport Training Certification
  • 12 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - minimum of 8 USAT CEUs
  • CPR, AED and First Aid Certification 
  • Signed USOPC's Ethics Code for Coaches Agreement