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After taking Foundations of USA Triathlon Coaching, the USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification is the next step in the USA Triathlon Coach Development Pathway.

USA Triathlon’s Level I Coach Certification Program is designed to educate aspiring coaches on how to train their athletes on different aspects of triathlon. Coaches will learn how to design a training plan geared toward their athlete’s needs as well as learn strength specific training for triathletes and key workouts. In addition to learning how to cater to your athletes needs, coaches will also learn the mechanics and skills of swimming, cycling and running from some of USA Triathlon’s most esteemed coaches. Coaches will not just learn how to train their athletes physically but they will also learn about nutrition periodization and mental skills, two vital aspects to master in the sport of triathlon.

As a USAT Certified Coach, you are a vital part of our success in the mission to grow, inspire and support the triathlon community. USAT is dedicated to providing you unparalleled resources to ensure you are qualified, confident and successful throughout your coaching career. 

Below is an overview of some of the benefits and resources you are afforded as a USAT Certified Coach:

  • General Liability & Participant Accident Insurance Coverage 
  • Use of the USAT Certified Coach Logo
  • Listing in the Find A Coach Directory
  • One free Certified Club Membership ($50 value)
  • Opportunities to engage with USA Triathlon 
  • Exclusive USA Triathlon Coach Merchandise
  • Access to coach specific continuing education courses
  • Access to the USAT Coaches Forum
  • Eligible for Elite Mentoring Opportunities
  • Exclusive discounts from USA Triathlon sponsors
  • Discounted Event Sanctioning 
  • Hiring preference for open NCAA collegiate varsity triathlon coach positions 

2020 Level I Coach Certification Clinic Schedule  



Registration Information

December 4 Virtual This clinic is FULL. The 2021 clinic schedule will be announced soon. 

Each 2020 Level I Virtual Coach Certification Clinic will be a hybrid of pre-recorded learning and live virtual education. Clinic attendees will be educated through 6 hours of self-paced, educational modules then attend a full day of live virtual presentations.

If you have a question about the USA Triathlon Coach Certification Program, please email Brad Hildebrandt at  

Level I Coach Certification Requirements:

For USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification, candidates must complete and/or submit the following: 

  • Completion of Foundations of USA Triathlon Coaching 
  • USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification Clinic
  • Online Certification Examination (minimum score of 80% required)
  • "Green Light (Clear)" Background Check
  • SafeSport Training Certification
  • CPR Certification
  • USA Triathlon Annual Membership

USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification Clinic
The Level I Coach Certification Clinic is designed to educate aspiring coaches on how to train their athletes on different aspects of triathlon and develop coaching business skills. Each clinic is led by one of USA Triathlon’s most esteemed coaches.

The minimum age to attend a clinic is 18 years old. Participants are required attend the entire clinic in order to be eligible for a USA Triathlon Coach Certification.

Background Check
USA Triathlon Certified Coaches must maintain a current "Green Light (Clear)" background check. Background checks must be performed by the National Center for Safety Initiatives (“NCSI”). Learn more by reading the USA Triathlon Background Check Policy.

SafeSport Training
Coaches are required to complete SafeSport Training annually. Click here to learn more about USAT's SafeSport Policies and References

Follow these instructions to complete the SafeSport training:

  1.  Go to
  2.  Select the option “Register or Sign In”
  3. If you need to register, select USA Triathlon as your membership and enter in the access code: FDV2-N6TL-T4GA-SWNZ
  4.  Once you have signed into your SafeSport account, your Learning Dashboard will give you the option to take the SafeSport Training
  5. Complete the “SafeSport Trained” webinar available to you.
  6. Once complete, you will be able to download a “SafeSport Trained” certificate which you will upload into your USA Triathlon LearnUpon account

Online Certification Examination
The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and a minimum exam score of 80% is required to pass. Candidates must pass within six weeks of their clinic to become a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. 

CPR Certification
Coaches are required to have (and maintain) a basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification.

Frequently Asked CPR Questions:

  • Do I need my CPR certification before the Level I Clinic?
    It is not required to have your CPR certification before the clinic. However, you cannot receive your USA Triathlon Level I Coach Certification without a current CPR certification. Candidates must become CPR Certified within six weeks after their clinic (failure to do so will result in being ineligible to become a coach with USA Triathlon). While it is not required, we highly recommend taking your CPR training prior to your clinic and obtaining an AED certification as well. 
  • What type of CPR is required?
    Any legitimate organization is accepted, although American Red Cross and American Heart Association are recommended. The card or certificate you receive after completing the course must list CPR on it. Most coaches choose Adult CPR. AED certifications are not required, but are highly recommended.
  • Can my CPR class be online?
    Your CPR course must be in-person; we do not accept online CPR courses when becoming a USA Triathlon Certified Coach. 

United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee: Coaching Code of Conduct
The Coaching Code of Conduct utilizes the constructs of five ethical behavioral areas to guide the actions of Team USA coaches in training and competition. A coach’s foremost duty is to serve athletes’ best interests, doing so in an ethical manner. The USOPC’s Coaching Code of Conduct offers coaches a sound, values-based reference to guide their actions.

Ethical coaching entails doing the right thing. It is grounded in the principles of duty and virtue. It requires the courage to consistently make morally sound choices—not merely comply with rules or mandates. But coaching is complicated, and coaches routinely face ethical and moral dilemmas. When facing such dilemmas when coaching in the Team USA context, coaches can refer to agreed-upon codes of conduct for guidance.

Candidates are required to sign the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Coaching Ethics Code at the time of clinic registration.

Level I Coach Recertification Overview

A USA Triathlon Coach Certification is valid for two (2) years. Recertification ensures that coaches continue to challenge themselves and further their knowledge and is critical to remain informed on the latest information and expertise within the triathlon industry.

In order to maintain a USA Triathlon Coach Certification, coaches must complete recertification by their recertification deadline (USAT has two recertification deadlines per year: June 30 and December 31). USA Triathlon’s recertification process consists of completing specified requirements as well as submitting a recertification application. For all recertification information, please see the USA Triathlon Recertification webpage

Level I Coach Recertification Requirements

  • $95 Recertification Application Fee
  • "Green Light (Clear)" background check via the NCSI
  • USA Triathlon Annual Membership
  • Annual SafeSport Training 
  • Service to the Sport Documentation
  • 15 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) - minimum of 5 USAT CEUs
  • CPR Certification
  • Signed USOPC’s Ethics Code for Coaches Agreement

Coach Compliance Requirements

USA Triathlon requires coaches to be in compliance at all times to be considered in good standing as a USAT Certified Coach. These coach compliance requirements ensure all USA Triathlon activities are as safe as possible for all participants.

  • Completion of SafeSport Training (annual renewal) 
  • Current USAT Annual Membership  
  • Current and passed background screening through the NCSI
  • Current CPR certification 

Allowing any of the above requirements to lapse within your certification period will result in immediate revocation of your coaching certification and loss of all benefits, such as insurance coverage, until the above requirements are met.

Applications for this clinic are open. Directions on how to apply can be found here

2018 Level I Clinic Schedule 

We are in the process of planning the 2018 Level I Clinics. Please note that the below locations/dates are tentative unless noted as 'finalized.'  The below information is subject to change. I

2018 Level I Clinic Schedule 

We are in the process of planning the 2018 Level I Clinics. Please note that the below locations/dates are tentative unless noted as 'finalized.'  The below information is subject to change. I