South Midwest CTC

About the SMWCTC

The South Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (SMWCTC) was created in 2007 so that the collegiate students living in TX, LA, OK, and AR could attend Collegiate Nationals. Now the conference has 15+ teams, a conference schedule and championship, and great team-to-team competitive nature. The SMWCTC is officially recognized as the governing body for the sport of triathlon at the collegiate level in the South Midwest United States of America by United States of America Triathlon (USAT), the national governing body of triathlon in the United States of America.

Mission Statement

"The Mission of the South Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference is to promote, administer, and develop collegiate triathlon throughout the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The SMWCTC shall annually determine a team Conference schedule, Training camp, and Conference Championship, and shall pursue a leadership role to regionally and nationally foster the growth of collegiate triathlon."


Event Name Location Date
TriWaco (Sprint & Olympic) Waco, TX July 10, 2022
Rose City Tri (MTR & Sprint) Tyler, TX September 11, 2022
Playtri Fort Worth Triathlon (Sprint & Olympic) Ft Worth, TX October 2, 2022
Texas Tough Duathlon (Duathlon) San Antonio, TX November 13, 2022