Midwest CTC 

About the MWCTC

The Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MWCTC) was founded in 2006. It began as an association of colleges and universities located in the Midwestern and Mideastern United States of America. In 2010 the large conference split into the Midwest and Mideast conferences, which are now governed separately. USA Triathlon officially recognizes the MWCTC as the governing body for the sport of triathlon at the collegiate level in the Midwestern United States. The conference is open to teams from Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference is to promote and grow collegiate triathlon throughout the Midwest region by providing its triathletes with racing and networking opportunities while embracing the higher ideals of sportsmanship and athletic excellence of USA Triathlon."


Event Name Location Date
St. Louis Triathlon (Sprint) St. Louis, MO May 22, 2022
Pigman Triathlon (Olympic) Palo, IA June 5, 2022
High Cliff (Sprint) Sherwood, WI June 19, 2022
Chisago Lakes Triathlon (Olympic) Chisago City, MN July 31, 2022
Maple Grove (Olympic) Championship Maple Grove, MN Aug. 27, 2022
Cyman Triathlon Bondurant, IA Sept. 18, 2022