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About the MECTC

The Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MECTC) is the collegiate triathlon conference containing the states of Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. It was founded in 2010 when the Midwest (MWCTC) was split into the Mideast and Midwest conferences. The goal of the MECTC is to foster the growth and competitiveness of the sport of triathlon at the collegiate level in the region. Any collegiate club in the region is encouraged to join the conference and participate in conference events. 

The MECTC outdoor race schedule spans from May to October, with the conference championship in early September. Teams and individuals compete in these races for their standing in the conference omnium as well as bragging rights. In addition to summer races, the conference also has several indoor events through the winter months. These allow athletes to gain further competition experience while the weather is not suitable for outdoor racing. Included in this winter schedule is the MECTC Indoor Triathlon Clinic. This is a 2 day long clinic put on every January by the University of Dayton. It includes an individual indoor triathlon, a team indoor triathlon, and a full day of educational seminars and practices. This put on in a great social atmosphere. 

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Mission Statement

"The Mission of the Mideast Collegiate Triathlon Conference is to promote and grow collegiate triathlons throughout the Mideast Region by providing its triathletes with racing and networking opportunities while embracing the higher ideals of sportsmanship and athletic excellence of USA Triathlon."


Event Name Location Date
Versailles Hear and Sole (Sprint) Versailles, KY May 14, 2022
Grand Rapids Triathlon (Sprint and Olympic) Grand Rapids, MI June 11-12, 2022
Ross Tri Fit Challenge (Sprint and Olympic) Columbus, OH July 31, 2022
Ann Arbor Tri/WolverineMan (Sprint) Gregory, MI Aug. 6, 2022
Traverse City Triathlon (Sprint and Olympic) Traverse City, MI Aug. 21, 2022
Chicago Triathlon (Sprint and Olympic) Chicago, IL Aug. 27-28, 2022
Zoom RedHawks Tri Festival (Sprint and Olympic) Oxford, OH Sept. 11, 2022
TRI-DU Muncie (Sprint and Olympic) Selma, IN Sept. 18, 2022
Tri the Illini (Sprint) Champagne, IL Sept. 25, 2022
Lake Freeman Tri Conference Championship  Monticello, IN Oct. 2, 2022