Florida CTC

About the FCTC

The Florida Collegiate Triathlon Conference, also known as the FCTC, was formed in 2007 to develop collegiate triathlon in the state of Florida. The FCTC is recognized as the governing body for the sport of collegiate triathlon within the state of Florida.

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Florida Collegiate Triathlon Conference is to administer, develop and promote collegiate triathlon within Florida. The FCTC shall annually determine team and individual Conference Champions, and shall pursue a leadership role regionally and nationally to foster collegiate triathlon."


Event Name Location Date
The Original Siesta Key Triathlon (Sprint)  Sarasota, FL September 21st, 2019
Crystal River #3 Triathlon (Sprint)  Crystal River, FL  September 28th, 2019
Great Floridian Triathlon (Sprint) Clermont, FL  October 19th, 2019
Mack Cycle MiamiMan Triathlon Miami, FL November 10th, 2019 
City Bikes Biscayne Bay Triathlon (Sprint)  North Miami, FL December 1st, 2019