USA Triathlon Club Benefits


Race Discounts

No matter what level of experience, from newbie to pro, your triathlon experience will be enhanced by joining a club. You will train smarter, harder and have more fun with people of a like mind.

  • Club Referral Program - The club admin can use referral URL on their member profile page. If you share this URL with club members who have never been a USA Triathlon annual member they can join for $45 and you will receive a $5 credit towards your club enrollment fees for 2020 up the $150 total. So, if you bring in 30 new members in 2019, your fees, including insurance, for 2020 will be no charge.
  • General Liability & Participant Accident Insurance - flat rate, annual fee. You can learn more here
  • USA Triathlon “Official Club” logo. To receive the logo please fill out the Logo Approval Application. The logo application can be found here. The application can be emailed back to
  • Opportunity to earn club awards at Age Group National Championships, Club National Championships and Regional Championships. The scoring system will be announced shortly.  
  • Opportunity to advertise in the USA Triathlon Multisport Zone e-newsletter at a discounted rate.
  • Included in the $100 extra benefits package is access to a free website on the SportsEngine platform. Email for more information
  • Promotional materials such as flyers and posters to use as you advertise your club and USA Triathlon annual membership
  • Race Discounts exclusively for USA Triathlon Clubs - Please email for instructions to view the promotional codes for the 2020 season. (Please note this will be updated throughout the year as race directors provide race information)
  • Directors & Officers coverage at a competitive price. Click here for information on the program.
  • Listing on Find A Club
  • USA Triathlon Monthly Club E-Newsletter
    • Must be an Official Club of USA Triathlon for the 2019 season
    • Please email for more information
Incentive Program  
Clubs will be rewarded for taking steps to meet SafeSport requirements, including complimentary USA Triathlon Annual Memberships, a complimentary Clinic Sanction, prizes from USA Triathlon partners, and more.
SafeSport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promotes open dialogue, and provides training and resources. Clubs that are SafeSport certified will have the training and tools to more effectively monitor their organization and its members, minimize the opportunities for physical and sexual abuse and other types of misconduct, and respond to concerns appropriately. It is also a strong public statement that the club places a priority on athlete safety.
How to be SafeSport Compliant – applicable for clubs with youth athletes
How to be SafeSport Compliant – applicable for clubs with adult athletes ONLY


Club Race Discounts

Club Race Discounts for the 2020 season will be updated here as we receive the event information from sanctioning race directors across the country. To request the code, please email

Race Name & Website Race Date Location Distance Discount Amount Date
HITS Triathlon Series 4/4-4/5/2020  Napa Valley, CA All distances  20% 4/1/2020
Smithfield Sprint Triathlon  4/4/2020  Smithfield, VA All distances  $10  4/3/2020 
Cocoa Beach Triathlon  9/20/20 Cocoa Beach, FL  All distances  $10 4/1/2020
Hagerstown Duathlon 4/11/2020 Hagerstown, MD All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Hagerstown Youth Duathlon 4/11/2020 Hagerstown, MD All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Hagerstown 5K Run #1 4/11/2020 Hagerstown, MD All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Rumpus in Bumpass Sprint & Olympic Triathlon 4/25/2020  Lake Anna, VA All distances $10


Space Coast Triathlon Cancelled Cocoa, FL All distances $10 4/19/2020
Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon 5/2/2020 Smith Mountain Lake, VA All distances $10 5/1/2020
Typhoon Texas Kids Tri  5/3/2020  Katy, TX  All distances  10%  NA 
Kinetic Half, Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 5/8-5/10/2020 Lake Anna, VA All distances   $10 5/7/2020
Antietam Brewery 5K 5/8/2020 Hagerstown, MD All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Crystal Coast Half Booty Triathlon  5/9/2020 Beaufort, NC All distances 20%  5/1/2020 
Pioneer Sprint Triathlon  5/9/2020 Petersburg, IL All distances 10% 4/1/2020
Dickson Endurance & Iron Nugget Sprint  5/9/2020  Burns, TN All distances 15% 5/9/2020
Northwest River Tri 5/16/2020 Chesepeake, VA All distances 15% 4/19/20
Swim Fest Fort Richie  5/23/2020 Cascade, MD All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Goose Pond Island Half Iron Man Triathlon 5/24/2020 Scottsboro, AL Half Iron distances 15% 5/24/2020
King Pine Tri & Duathlon  5/30/2020 Madison, NH All distances 20% NA
Rock Hall Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 5/30-5/31/2020 Rock Hall, MD All distances   $10 5/29/2020
Independence Olympic and Sprint Triathlon  5/31/2020 Quakertown, PA All distances $10 5/30/2020
Pineappleman Triathlon 12/14/2020 Melbourne Beach, FL All distances $10 5/26/2020
The Epic Mini Triathlon 7/18/20  Fort Collins, CO Individual (non-relay) races $15 3/1/2020
Ohio Super Sprint Triathlon Challenge 5/31/2020 Delaware, OH All distances 15%  5/15/2020
Jamestown Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 6/5-6/6/2020  Williamsburg, VA All distances   $10 6/4/2020
33rd Annual Edinboro Triathlon 6/6/2020 Edinboro, PA Olympic Tri, Sprint Tri, Olympic AquakBike 10% 6/3/2020
Leon's Triathlon - America's Race  6/7/2020 Chicagoland All distances $135 race entry NA 
Ohio Games Triathlon and Multisport Festival Cancelled  Delaware, OH All distances  10%  6/7/20
Poconos Half, Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 6/12-6/14/2020  Hawley, PA All distances   $10 6/11/2020
RJA Memorial Mighty Montauk Triathlon  Cancelled Montauk, NY All distances $10 4/15/2020
Marble Falls Triathlon 6/14/2020 Marble Falls, TX All distances   $10 NA
General Smallwood Olympic and Sprint Triathlon 
6/20/2020 Indian Head, MD All distances   $10 6/19/2020
Swim Fest Luray 6/20/2020 Luray, VA All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Lums Pond Olympic and Sprint Triathlon 6/21/2020 Bear, DE All distances   $10 7/10/2020
Mojo Triathlon  6/21/2020 West Chester, OH All distances   $10 6/1/2020
Tahoe Off-Road Triathlon 6/27/2020 Tahoe City, CA All distances   15% 9/1/2020
Red, White, & Zoom Triathlon Festival at Cowan Lake


Wilmington, OH All distances   10%  6/28/2020
Ohio State TriFit Challenge Triathlon 7/6/2020 Columbus, OH All distances   15% 7/15/2020
Colonial Beach Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 7/11-7/12/2020  Colonial Beach, VA All distances   $10 7/10/2020
Diamond in the Rough Olympic and Sprint Triathlon 7/11/2020 Perryville, MD All distances   $10 7/10/2020
Hagerstown Triathlon 7/11-7/12/2020 Hagerstown, MD Youth Tri, Sprint Tri, Sprint AquaBike, 5K
10% 10/10/2020
Shawnee Mission Triathlon and Duathlon 7/12/2020  Shawnee, KS All distances 20% 7/5/2020
Donner Lake Triathlon 7/18-7/19/2020  Truckee, CA All distances   15% 9/1/2020
Tidewater Super Sprint Triathlon  7/18/2020 Hampton, VA All distances   $10 7/17/2020
Warrior Women Triathlon  7/18/2020 Fort Collins, CO Individual (non-relay) $15 4/1/2020
Stoneman Sprint Tri 7/25/2020 Springfield, IL All distances 10% 6/1/2020
Abe's Olympic Triathlon 7/25/2020 Springfield, IL All distances 10% 6/1/2020
Route 66 Half 7/25/2020 Springfield, IL All distances 10% 6/1/2020
Official Luray Triathlon Open Water Swim & Transition Clinic
7/25/2020 Luray, VA All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Black Diamond Triathlon 8/1/2020 Enumclaw, WA  All distances 10%  NA 
Culpeper Olympic & Sprint Triathlon  8/1/2020 Culpeper, VA All distances   $10 7/31/2020 
Top of Delaware Sprint Triathlon  8/2/2020 Newark, DE All distances   $10 8/1/2020
Fort Ritchie Triathlon 8/2/2020 Cascade, MD Olympic Tri, Sprint Tri, Olympic AquaBike, Olympic Sprint, Duathlon $10 10/10/2020
Kill Creek Park Triathlon 8/15/2020 Olathe, KS All distances 20%  8/11/2020
XTERRA Lake Tahoe  8/15/2020 Incline Village, NV All distances   15% 9/1/2020
All-Female Triathlon for Hope 8/15/2020 Lewis Center, OH All distances   15% 8/15/2020
Fall Creek Falls Half Iron Man Distance Triathlon 8/15/2020 Spencer, TN Half Iron distance 15% 8/15/2020
Luray Triathlon  8/15-8/16-2020 Luray, VA Olympic Tri, Olympic Du, AquaBike, Sprint Tri, Sprint Du, Sprint AquaBike, Hawksbill Double Tri, Hawskbill Double Du 10% 10/10/2020

Santa Barbara Triathlon

8/20-8/24/2020 Santa Barbara, CA Sprint, Long, Duathlon $15 8/15/2020 or if race sells out before that date
Lake Tahoe Triathlon 8/22-8/23/2020  Lake Tahoe, CA All distances   15%  
Lake Meridian Triathlon
8/22/2020 Kent, WA All distances  10% NA
JCPRD Kids Triathlon 8/22/2020  Olathe, KS All distances 20% 8/19/2020 
North East Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 8/23/2020  North East, MD All distances   $10 8/22/2020 
Zoom RedHawks Triathlon Festival at Hueston Woods 8/23/2020  Oxford, OH All distances 10% 8/23/2020
The Sandman Triathlon and Duathlon  8/23/2020 Santa Cruz, CA All distances $10 8/22/2020
Live Free & Tri 8/29-8/30/2020  Freedom, NH All distances 20% NA
Lake George Triathlon Festival 9/5-9/6/2020  Lake George, NY All distances   10% 9/5/2020
Luray Half Marathon  9/5/2020 Luray, VA All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Patriots Half, Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 9/11-9/13/2020  Williamsburg, VA All distances   $10 9/10/2020
Frantic Frog Sprint  9/12/2020 Scottsboro, AL All distances 15%  9/12/2020
Columbus Triathlon Festival
9/13/2020  Delaware, OH All distances   10% 9/13/2020
DiamondMan Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 9/13/2020  Bear, De All distances   $10 9/12/2020
SavageMan Half, Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 9/18-9/20/2020  Deep Creek, MD All distances   $10 9/17/2020
Harvest Sunrise Triathlon 9/19/2020  Lewis Center, OH All distances   15% 9/15/2020
North Shore Triathlon 9/20/2020 Wilmette, IL All distances $10 9/1/2020
Giant Acorn Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 9/25-9/27/2020  Lake Anna, MD All distances   $10 9/24/2020
MarshMan Sprint Triathlon
9/27/2020 Downinghouse, PA All distances 
$10 9/26/2020
Last Call Triathlon 9/27/2020 Loveland, CO Individual (non-relay) $15 NA
The 38th Santa Cruz Triathlon  9/27/2020  Santa Cruz, CA Not valid for 2-for-1 or Santa Cruz Special $15 9/26/2020
Watermans Half, Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 10/3-10/4/2020 Rock Hall, MD  All distances   $10 10/2/2020
Atomic Man Triathlon 10/4/2020 Lenoir City, TN Half Iron distance, Olympic, Sprint, Duathlon 15% 10/4/2020
Pleasants Landing Olympic & Sprint Triathlons 10/10/2020 Lake Anna, VA All distances   $10 10/9/2020
Hagerstown Duathlon #2 & 5K 10/10/2020 Hagerstown, MD All distances 10% 10/10/2020
Kinetic Cup Olympic Triathlon 10/17/2020 Smith Mountain Lake, VA All distances   $10 10/16/2020
Tri the Gulf 10/17/2020 Dauphin Island, AL All distances   $10 10/12/2020
Marin County Triathlon Weekend 10/24-10/25/2020  San Rafael, CA All distances   20% 8/25/2020