Overview of the Program

USA Triathlon and USA Swimming have teamed up to create Swim to Tri!

Swim to Tri is an opportunity for USA Swimming clubs to add multisport (bike and run) curriculum to their programs. In doing so, USA Swimming Clubs can help create lifelong athletes, generate new revenue streams, offer alternative off-season programming and attract new athletes. 

Many USA Swimming registered clubs are also a USA Triathlon registered club or have a collaborative relationship with a triathlon club. This collaboration is beneficial for the club and their swimmers. The first benefit is extending pool swimming to open water swimming and triathlon. The second benefit is a multisport curriculum has led to well-rounded diverse youth athletes who are engaged with the swim club throughout the year. 

Additional information, including downloadable resources, can be found below.

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Swim to Tri benefits and revenue generating opportunities include:

  • complimentary Swim to Tri Bag Tag template
  • complimentary USA Triathlon club registration upon activation as a Swim to Tri club
  • complimentary USA Triathlon clinic sanctioning
  • complimentary USA Triathlon youth digital memberships (valued at $7.99) for first-time members only
    • Through this membership, your child(ren) will receive free access to all sanctioned youth events (no USA Triathlon annual membership or one-day fees required). This includes the USA Triathlon National Youth Series that includes the Splash & Dash Series (just swim and run, no bike) -- www.usatriathlon.org/youthseries -- for kids of all ages. They’ll also automatically get a digital subscription of the quarterly USA Triathlon Magazine with a special Kids’ Section, as well as other great resources about leading a healthy, fit, active lifestyle.
  • priority acceptance into our Splash and Dash Series - applications can be found by clicking here
  • priority hosting for a USA Triathlon Indoor Multisport event - applications can be found by clicking here

Swim to Tri Testimonials

"Swim Charleston, a USA Swimming Organization and a registered USA Triathlon club, is thrilled to join the Swim to Tri program. The program is easy to implement and it has allowed us to expand our member base and provide fun, enriching new program for our year-round swimmers." -Cathy Sheafor, Head Coach, Swim Charleston, Charleston Youth Tri Club

"We at Tri EMAC are so thrilled that USA Triathlon and USA Swimming have paired up to promote the sport of triathlon through swimming clubs! This marriage makes total sense to us, which is why we birthed our youth triathlon team from our USA Swimming team.  As we have developed, we have been so fortunate to have the support of USA Triathlon.  And now, we love having the resources of the formalized Swim toTri program at our fingertips. Our athletes love it and we continue to grow both in numbers and excitement!" -Mandy Lovett, Triathlon Coach, Emmaus Aquatic Club 

"The games and workouts that have been provided by the Swim to Tri program are priceless. My athletes don't even realize how hard they are working out, or the fundamental skills they are learning, they are just having a whole lot of fun. As a swim and triathlon coach I enjoy implementing new and different ideas to make practice fun and exciting, and the Swim to Tri program provides me with the tools to do just that!" -Shaylyn DeYoung, Twin Lakes Tri Club

Additional USA Triathlon programs and opportunities:

  Networking through USA Triathlon

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Event opportunities through USA Triathlon

Check out the National Youth Series for a group of youth focused triathlons in your area including the USA Triathlon Splash and Dash Series!
Access the Sanctioned Event Calendar for a list of all the different races, camps, or clinics near you.

Contact Meg Duncan, Youth Program Manager, for more information: Meg.Duncan@usatriathlon.org

Contact Alex Kultgen, Club Coordinator, if you want your swim club to become a USA Triathlon club: Alex.Kultgen@usatriathlon.org