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About TrueSport

TrueSport®, a movement powered by the experience and values of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, champions the positive values and life lessons learned through youth sport. TrueSport inspires athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators to change the culture of youth sport through active engagement and thoughtful curriculum based on cornerstone lessons of sportsmanship, character-building, and clean and healthy performance, while also creating leaders across communities through sport.




Resources for Parents

TrueSport Parent Pocket Guide: Discusses helpful practices for parents to take to promote a positive sport experience for their child(ren).

6 Ways Parents Can Help Their Athlete Resolve A Coach-Athlete Conflict: Discusses helpful ways parents can assist their child(ren) in handling conflict that may arise with a coach.

COVID-Related Resources

Add Communicating About COVID-19: How To Keep Kids Calm And Accountable: Discusses strategies for parents to discuss COVID-19 with their child(ren) and helpful strategies during this time.

Keeping Kids Active And Healthy During Quarantine: Discusses ways parents and coaches can keep youth physically active and safely engaged during COVID-19.

Anti-Doping Information

Anti-Doping 101: What Parents Need To Know Before Their Child Is Tested: Provides an overview of policies and procedures as it pertains to anti-doping testing among youth.

Nutrition Information

TrueSport Supplement Guide: Details the benefits of a food-first nutrition strategy, providing food and supplement comparisons, real-life testimonials by Olympians, and ways to help parents realize and reduce the risks associated with dietary supplements with their young athletes.

True Sport Nutrition Guide: It can be confusing to try and figure what to feed young athletes. Our Nutrition Guide offers guidelines that will help any athlete stay healthy, recover, and fuel for peak performance.

For Youth and Juniors: Set a Goal!

Characterbuilding: Learn how to develop your goal setting skills, perseverance, courage, honesty, and more!”

Sportsmanship: Learn how to develop values of leadership, respect, and teamwork!

For Coaches

TrueSport provides a variety of coaching resources to use with your athletes. Below are curriculum links for a variety of topics. We’d love to hear how you use these! Email Melissa Otterbein, Education Manager, to share your story.

Nutrition Lesson: Focuses on nutrition education through games and story.

Full list of nutrition resources

Teamwork Lessons: Describes teamwork through stories, application, and tips.

Leadership Lessons: Discusses stories of leadership, types of leadership styles, and direct actions athletes can take to execute their leadership capabilities.

Bullying Prevention Lessons: Discusses bullying prevention strategies and lessons for coaches to implement.