The Triathlon

By Kayleigh 

Competitors approach registration
With the slightest bit of frustration
They look intimidating
Pushing their expensive road bikes

I, myself, wasn’t at all scared
As I made my way to my spot to have my tires aired
Other participants had their numbers pinned on their bikes
Along with their swimsuits on

The sound of an air horn filled the air
Swimmers walked to the pool with their caps stuck on their hair
We dove in intervals
The time it took was less than ten minutes

Pros made their way out to the bike course
Passing a fenced in horse
I, myself, mounted mine and pedaled
Trying to beat a personal record time

Transition was short and quick
Putting on clothes of our pick
Our shoes tied their tightest
Prepared for the long sweat-filled run

We put one foot in front of the other
Giving one last glance to our fathers and mothers
Until we cross the finish line
Awaiting the medal to be proudly hanging from our necks

Mile 3, the worst one of all
My legs feel like a brick wall
I can see the end taunting me as I run,
Seeming to get farther away as I run closer

I think I will die
As I run for the pie
The bystanders encouraging me on saying, “Look at her run”
I can hear my blood pounding, feeling the sweat glide down my neck

Finally, I cross the finish line
The first place slot is at last mine
My parents greet me as my fellow competitors cross after me
Looking as miserable as I had

The medal is placed around my neckline
I can go home and put in with the others in a line
I gather my gear
My legs feeling like jelly

The soft cloud that goes by the name bed
Is awaiting me and my head
Sleep overcomes me
The dreams make me forget my soreness and I am at peace finally