Sybille Rex

rexsAbout Sybille: Being physically active has been part of our family lifestyle. I swam and did Track & Field competitively when I was young, and I also biked wherever I needed to go. But triathlon came into my life late and by chance. It was not until after my children were older when I picked up the sport again, but this time with determination and passion. I started chasing big dreams and began achieving them which propelled me forward and also deeper into the sport, with even more passion, drive, thirst for knowledge, and desire to share and give back. Being now an USAT Ambassador, a NUUN Ambassador, and a certified swim and triathlon coach plus spin instructor is where the sport has taken me recently, and I am super excited for the future and the new direction I am taking.

Sport Discipline:

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: One of the more recent and crucial moments in my triathlon career was this January 2019 when I became USAT Coach Level I certified. I have been in the sport for several years and I love training for and competing in races, but equally important are the human connections I have been making and building over the years. And being able to coach others and help them achieve their dreams is my next big goal to which this certification is a first and solid step. 

Sport Career Highlights:

2019 - 3rd Year on Team USA
2019 - 6x Qualification for Age Group National Championships
2019 - Selected for Team Zoot
2018 - Competed in ITU World Championship (DL Sprint) in Australia
2018 - Competed in my 3rd Half Ironman event
2017 - All American Honor
2003 - My first triathlon (Sprint)