Susan Haag

About Susan: I’ve done 400 triathlons since I started in 1990.  Of those, 110 have been Ironman distance (since 2002).  I’ve been on Team USA from 2003-2007.  I’ve been involved in my local triathlon team In Jacksonville, FL since it began, am actively generating interest in new triathlon groups within Florida and am active in getting everyone, specifically women, into our sport!  I sit on the USAT Board of Directors and ITU Women’s Committee. I’m a lawyer. 

I love the multisport aspect of the sport!  It’s more fun to do 3 sports in one race!  I pace marathons to help women and men meet their run goals.  I love to bike and find I’m strongest when I’m biking!  I find I don’t put myself in the pool enough so my swim is my weakest link.  I’d like to feel “one with the water” rather than flotsam & jetsam. 

Sport Discipline: Triathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: The fact that I race about 45-50 times a year & basically doing what I love!  I love meeting new folks and old friends! 

Sport Career Highlights: Folks are amazed that I’ve done 110 Ironman distance races & always am curious about how I recover!  I think I embody that anyone can do these races if they want to.  And any distance is a delightful way to find their tribe!