Steve Polley

About Steve: My college majors were life science & physical education, and after a couple of years as a college instructor, I ran a large corporate fitness and wellness program for a Fortune 25 company for 20 years. My entry into sports was in HS as a competitive swimmer, and in 1979 I entered my first triathlon with two age groups: 29 & under, and 30 & up!  I'm a native Californian and live in Thousand Oaks, and I'm in a committed relationship.

Sport Discipline: Triathlon, Duathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: 1981 & 1983: Two-time finisher in the Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Kona, HI - finishing in the top 25% in both races.

Sport Career Highlights: USAT Team USA member: 2017 (Rotterdam), 2018 (Australia), & 2019 (Switzerland);
2019 - Third year as nationally USAT Certified Level 1 Coach
2019 - Third year as founding coach of the Oaks Christian HS Triathlon Club
2018 - USAT AG Triathlon National Sprint Championships (Cleveland) - 3rd place in rollup division (M69-73)
2018 - 40th year in the sport of triathlon; completed over 500 events
2017 - Nationally Certified USAT Youth & Junior Elite Coach
2017 - Started "Youth Tri" Summer Camp
2017 - Started full-time coaching business:
2017 - USAT National Draft-Legal Triathlon Championships - Team USA Qualifier (Sarasota, FL), 3rd Place
2016 - USAT National Sprint Triathlon Championships (Omaha, NE) - Awarded Team USA position for Rotterdam World Championships in 2017