Robin Evans Kremer

About Robin: For the last 5 years, I have been a USA Triathlon coach of an adult and children triathlon team.  This has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience professionally but I also wanted to find a different way for me to compete while helping others so in 2019, I become a guide for the Para Olympic athletes.  What a amazing new way to experience competing in a triathlon. 

Sport Discipline: Triathlon, Aquabike

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: There are a few over the time I have been doing Triathlons:
1. The first time I cross the finish line in Clarmont, FL Triathlon in 1994
2. My first overall Female Podium win, All Womens Triathlon 
3. My first Ironman finish
4. My first time I qualified for Worlds
5. Coaching Children and watching them cross the finish line for the first time, this NEVER gets old.
6. Helping a completely Blind women do her first Triathlon 

Sport Career Highlights: 2019
In Jan, I became guide for the blind in Para Olympics triathlon camp
April- Tri AZ- First ParaOlympic triathlon as a guide for the blind
April-RAGE- First 0-49 Olympic Aqua Bike
June- Deuces Wild- Half Aqua Bike- 2nd overall
June-SDIT- First overall Olympic Aqua Bike
Sept-Tempe Tri- 2nd race as Para Olympic guide for the blind
Nov-Miami Man Half Aquabike- Qualified for Team USA, but not a strong performance due to illness