Olivia Christmann

About Olivia: I am a 20 year old triathlete and 2x Team USA qualifier in the Olympic Distance. I am a student at Boston College, double majoring in Sociology and Communications. I am coxswain on the Boston College Varsity Women's Rowing Team, volunteer at a local children's hospital, and work as a student Health Coach. I founded the Tri for Kopila Fundraiser which is a triathlon fundraising team which raises money for the BlinkNow foundation (a total of over $71,000 in four years!). I am looking forward to working with USA Triathlon to encourage others to try this great sport!

Sport Discipline: Triathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: One of my most memorable moments in my multisport career was at Nationals in 2016. I remember standing near the starting line, watching the other waves go off, and crying because I could not believe that I was actually standing there and about to race.

Exactly one year before, I was in a bad cycling accident where my coach and I crashed in a pace line and going 27mph. In the months following the accident, I had a very hard time walking, going to school, and doing anything that I did previously. After being in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital all of January, I was able to work my way back to walking, running, and eventually fully back to training. Due to chronic pain, it was never a given that I would be back racing, especially at the level that I was racing at previously. Working through this process, I kept my eye on getting back to and surpassing where I was.

Standing there before the race, exactly one year after the accident, I was immensely grateful for my health, those who supported me along the way, the doctors who fought for me, and the ability to not just be racing again, but to be at the National Championships. I took the time to really think about the power of positivity, hope, and grit. I remember feeling so excited to get out there and race amongst my friends and some of the best triathletes in the country. I gave my parents big hugs and headed to the starting line. In that moment, I was so very thankful of where I was and the journey that had brought me there.

Sport Career Highlights:

Team USA Qualification F20-24 (Olympic and Sprint Distance) - August 2018
70.3 Ironman Lake Placid -1st place F18-24 in 2017, 3rd place F18-24 in 2018
Olympic Distance New Jersey State Champion F20-24 - July 2017 & 2018
70.3 Ironman World Championship Qualifier- September 2017
Olympic Distance Mid-Atlantic Regional Champion - F20-24 - August 2017
Team USA Qualification F19&U (Olympic Distance) - August 2015 & 2016
Olympic Distance New Jersey State Champion F19&U - July 2015 & 2016