Kim Michael-Lee

About Kim: I have always been athletic and have been in sports my entire life.  I have tried a variety of sports but fell in love with triathlon back in 1988 and have built on that over the years. My mom was a PE teacher so I believe that sparked interest in sports since I was young.  By trade I am a CPA so I am use to talking with people and making presentations.  I think my occupation gave me a tool to engage people in a variety of topics and love talking and sharing training and triathlon sport with all.

Sport Discipline: Triathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: I have several memorable moments one was my very first Sprint Triathlon in Naperville IL - after I finished I thought OMG I want to do this again, from that time on I was in love with the sport and there have been many races since then that stick out in my mind for a variety of reasons.  My first 70.3 Racine Ironman race after I signed up I thought OMG what did I just do and then when I finished I couldn't wait to sign up for another. That same feeling just happened again this year.  When I finished Ironman Cozumel I was so happy and then emotions took over and I was so happy and, sore mind you, but can't wait to sign up again.  Very sad that my mom wasn't here so see me finally accomplish this dream that I talked about for years.

Sport Career Highlights: Raced Ironman Cozumel and finished in 12 hours at my 1st Ironman, racing every year at 70.3 Honu in Kona for past 8 years just awesome, Team USA Penticton 2017 and place 10th AG thrilled and just great experience. Each and every triathlon from sprints to Ironman for the past 20 years.