Heather Shourds

shourdshAbout Heather: I have lost a 100lbs and have become a very avid athlete.  Training and being an athlete has completely changed my life!  My passion is to give others their lives back by being a Personal Trainer, Triathlon/Duathlon Coach and USA Triathlon Ambassador!

Sport Discipline: Triathlon, Duathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: Completing my first Triathlon!  Everyone was so friendly on the bike and run!  I remember completing the swim faster than I thought I would.  I was nervous but it lead to my success with Triathlon! 

As I was climbing the Pumpkinman hill other athletes were passing me as I was climbing @9mph and they were cheering me on!  The run was the same everyone was cheering each other on.  To this day I always cheer for others as I pass them or say something to push them as I'm pushing myself if I can talk!

I was amazed that I did better than what I thought!

The other memorable moments was my 2bd year doing Pumpkinman.  I became very competitive and I was in 3rd in my AG and my tire went flat as I was cresting the hill.  I picked up my bike and ran in my cleats and 4th passed me on the run and was on the podium by 30 seconds.  From then it was on!

Sport Career Highlights: 2017 Duathlon Team USA
2018 Triathlon Team USA
2019 USA Triathlon Ambassador