Christie Petersen

petAbout Christie: I graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor of Architecture. I am also a licensed interior designer, inventor, entrepreneur and tennis player. I have two great kids and a wonderful husband. I started doing triathlons after my first baby in 2011 as a way to lose baby weight. I fell in love with the sport after my first race. I still look forward to the nervous excitement before every race.

Sport Discipline: Triathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: In 2017 I had to take nine months off to deal with unexplained medial issues that turned out to be an autoimmune disease. My first race back in 2018 was one of my most memorable. I was so weak I had to walk most of the run. I fought back tears as I crossed the finish line not out of disappointment for my slow time but, out of gratitude. I was so thankful to be doing what I loved and to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I missed being a part of a sport that brings all kinds of people from different walks of life together to accomplish one common goal.


Sport Career Highlights: 2018 competing in the 2018 Triathlon World Championships in Australia
2018 finishing third in my age group at the draft legal USAT national championships
2015 completing my first full marathon
2012 completing my first 70.3 and loving every minute of it
1998 playing Division 1 tennis at Ball Sate University