Caitlin McNeil

About Caitlin: I am one of those bi-coastal Americans who finds it difficult to place myself in one spot. I was born and raised in Southern California, but I have lived in New England for most of my "adult years". Likewise, my interests are all over the place. Professionally, I am a pediatric occupational therapist. I love winter and look forward to skiing all year long. Before I became interested in triathlon, I used to compete in the equestrian circles. I am married and my husband is my biggest supporter! He is not a triathlete and because of this I try to remain vigilant in keeping a healthy balance between "life" and training. I am looking forward to the 2019 triathlon season; it will be my 5th season. I have learned so much through my participation as a triathlete, but most importantly, it is just fun!

Sport Discipline: Triathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: To this day I still get a surreal feeling when I think about the course preview ride for the World Championships in Rotterdam this past September. I had never ridden my bike in a group larger than 20 cyclists. When I arrived to the meeting spot at the Erasmus Bridge, Team USA had taken over. There were probably 200 triathletes and their bikes. One by one we followed each other along the path that wound throughout the city. As I descended the steepest section of the course, for as far as my eye could see - in front of me, beside me, and behind me - was Team USA. I just remember thinking, WOW! How proud am I to wear these colors? That experience has really left me hungry for more.

Sport Career Highlights: Team USA: 2019,2018, 2017 - draft legal sprint, USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015