Bill Ziering

About Bill: I do triathlons out of love. Each of the 3 components brightens my day. It's my time out from the daily stress I put on myself. Each day brings a freshness never quite experienced before. I do triathlons because I still can. I no longer push to achieve personal bests. I aim to finish. And with that I never disappointment myself. I find the camaraderie among fellow triathletes to be unique - inspiring and uplifting. It seems to transcend all barriers to man's fellowship. I do triathlons because it's nature's elixir to mindfulness.

Sport Discipline: Triathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: The ITU World Championship in Chicago. My adopted home town. My medical school, Northwestern invited to speak to the medical students almost 3 generations removed.

Sport Career Highlights: ITU Age Group World Champion, Olympic division, Chicago 2015, Rotterdam 2017. 40-year career as a triathlete