Ann Bailey

About Ann: I live in the Washington, DC area and work full time in a career where international travel is part of the norm. We have an incredible family with four children who all enjoy some combination of swimming, biking & running. I grew up living between Madison, Wisconsin and Mineral Bluff, Georgia - where you have some of the nicest people in the world. My journey into multisport started in 2010 with cycling and it quickly evolved into triathlons, marathons and now duathlon. We will see what is next!! I balance being a mom, having a career and being a triathlete with friends and coaches at CBC Endurance Training and She Does Tri. It is all about surrounding yourself by incredible people!!

Sport Discipline: Triathlon, Duathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: There are two moments that are ABSOLUTELY the most memorable in my multisport career. The first was May 22, 2011 at the Colombia Triathlon in Ellicott City, MD when I participated in my first triathlon after having had brain surgery September 10, 2010. It was incredible!!! It had been an amazing journey from the devastating news of a brain aneurysm all the way to competing in a race that was all about crossing the finish line healthy.  The second most memorable moment built on the first. On August 21, 2017, I participated as a member of Team USA at the Multisport World Championships in Penticton, Canada. I was an age group athlete for the Standard Distance Duathlon. I have realized that as long as the journey keeps going, live life to the fullest, and that triathlon as a lifestyle makes everything sweeter!!!

Sport Career Highlights: ITU Multisport World Championships 2017 Penticton, Canada - Standard Distance Duathlon, USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships Bend, Oregon 2016