Adam Goulet

About Adam: In Portland I am a Sports Chiropractor, strength and conditioning specialist, and multi-sport athlete, which simply means when I’m not trying to make other athletes stronger, and faster I’m working on making myself faster, and stronger. Working at a one of a kind clinic and athletic training facility, Evolution Healthcare and Fitness make it my practice to help the endurance community understand their bodies, and get the biggest gains they can from their training. Through teaching, and demonstrating proper training and technique I hope to improve the enjoyment of everyone’s sports and fitness dreams.

Sport Discipline: Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathlon

Most memorable moment in your multisport career: Opening a beat up brown cardboard box and seeing my first Team USA uniform folded inside.

Sport Career Highlights:

AG National Champion Aquathlon 2017
AG World Champion Standard Distance Duathlon 2017
AG 2nd place World Championships Sprint Duathlon 2017
AG 3rd place Sprint Triathlon National Championship 2017